Artemis the Owl

Well, here he is! The reason why several people are stalking me on social media.

Artemis the Burrowing Owl, First of His Name, Bringer of Insomnia and Slightly Injured Fingers…
…referred to simply as “the Beast” when in a rush.

Owl Harry Potter

Two Girls and an Owl

This Saturday brought along a lot of geekery. My costume-obsessed friend Simone had two Harry Potter-themed costumes lying around and I had an owl... Only logical conclusion was going to the park near Marselisborg(the Danish queen's castle in Aarhus) and do a photoshoot! Simone dressed up as Luna Lovegood, I ...
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Waterstones Is Training Delivery Owls. I Wonder If Artemis Can Get a Job?

Apparently Waterstones decided that if they can't top Amazon in anything else, they will top them in crazy! I thought it was pretty far-fetched when Amazon announced their new Prime Air program a few days ago, where they intend to deliver packages by drones, but it didn't brighten up my ...
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Mighty, Mighty Artemis

One of my friends told me that my owl was ridiculously photogenic... Looking at this picture, it seems that he also thinks so himself! Clearly, he doesn't think I have any business being in HIS picture. Insolent human... You can just see the plans for world domination in his eyes ...
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Owl Army

Army of Artemis

I'm not really sure what goes through people's mind when I tell them I own an owl... You would think they would just accept the reality that I'm odd and be done with it, but it seems like they need to do something to remind me that I have an owl. I ...
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Samoyed Dog and Owl

Brb, the Owl is Eating the Toaster

So... Apparently I'm grounded. My writing buddy, Jessie, knows that I have a certain talent for doing stupid things when she's not there to stop me. So since we haven't talked for several months, she didn't quite know what to answer to the IM "Just a sec, the owl is ...
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