Resounding Echo Michelle Louring coverResounding Echo

The battlefield of angels and demons is no place for a mortal . . .

Selissa has no memories from before the priests at the temple of Issara found her battered and bruised outside their gates years ago. All she has from her past life is a strange symbol on her back and frightening, confusing dreams.
Her new life is thrown into disarray when the mysterious traveler Alassane arrives at the temple. With him follows the horrors her lost memories have been hiding. Selissa suddenly finds herself fighting for her life and comes to realize that no one is what they pretend to be . . .

Resounding Echo is the first book in the Angel’s Voice series.

Read the first chapter here.

Silent Sound Michelle Louring coverSilent Sound

Life is much simpler when myths are merely fairy tales . . .

Selissa hardly thought her life could get any weirder, but the gods appeared to have developed a sadistic fondness for proving her wrong. A request for her help with solving a series of mysterious attacks at a temple seemed fairly simple. But everything suddenly becomes far more complicated once Selissa is told who she needs to protect from the unknown assailant.
Because the target just happens to be the son of the archangel Arnath . . .

Silent Sound is the second book in the Angel’s Voice series.

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Quiet Whisper Michelle Louring coverQuiet Whisper

The victims will be many as long as war is part of human nature . . .

A chance meeting with someone from her past causes Selissa to once again find herself in the middle of someone else’s fight. This time her unusual task involves neither angels nor demons, but leads her into the heart of Ver’dohna where a war is raging between the military and the Rebellion.
And while she is far from home, Selissa is offered new allies. The only thing she has to do is to rescue a man from the executioner’s axe . . .
. . . Right in the middle of the most heavily guarded stronghold in Ver’dohna.

Quiet Whisper is the third book in the Angel’s Voice series.

Read the first chapter here.

Ghostly Scream Michelle Louring coverGhostly Scream

They might be better dressed, but mages can be just as fickle as demons . . .

Disavowed by the clergy, Selissa is left to fend for herself when her actions lead her to become a prisoner of Var’nori.
She is given the choice between staying locked up within the walls of the mage city or accepting to become an apprentice of the secretive magister, Feryll. It’s really not much of a choice.
Because while her life has changed a lot over the last few years, one thing is still very much true:
Selissa really, really doesn’t like mages.

Ghostly Scream is the fourth book in the Angel’s Voice series.

You can read the first chapter here.

Broken Melody Michelle Louring CoverBroken Melody

Broken Melody is the fifth book in the Angel’s Voice series.
Expected release: Summer 2020.

Redesign Fantasy CoverHuntress

After having watched man after man being carried through the gates, all on the verge of death, Selissa has had enough. Each of them has fallen victim to the claws of the vicious demons lurking in the forest, but everyone turns a blind eye to the rampage that is happening right before them.
Despite the warnings of the young priest apprentice Calen, Selissa decides to deal with the demon threat on her own. But she may soon discover that demons are the least of her problems…

Huntress is a prequel short story to the Angel’s Voice series, and takes place 3 years prior to Resounding Echo.

Read an excerpt here.

Book Cover DemonDemon’s Dance

Selissa never considered herself a mercenary, but life has other plans. The clergy sends her to stop an unseen enemy, a killer responsible for a series of mysterious deaths, and everything goes smoothly until she crosses paths with the assassin Ardeth.
As the events unfold before her, Selissa suspects that there are some things the clergy wasn’t telling her…

Demon’s Dance is a short story in the Angel’s Voice series, but works as a stand-alone story. It takes place some time between Silent Sound and Quiet Whisper.

Read an excerpt here.