“Cosplay? But I thought this was an author site!”
Nope, this is the personal site of an über geek. Yours truly has been known to sell books while dressed as a dragon hunter. Or a dragon. One time a Pokémon.
You get the point. I’m weird.

Dragonstalker Hunter (World of Warcraft)

I really like this cosplay because it’s purple and I get to walk around with a dragon on my head. It’s also the costume that has now ended up on the local news two years in a row. It’s always nice when your mom’s friends send her pictures of the local paper because her weirdo daughter is on the front page dressed as the world’s flashiest hunter.

Articles and TV-spots (Danish):
Randers Amtsavis
TV2 Østjylland
TV2 Fyn

Read more about the costume here.

Alexstrasza the Life-binder (World of Warcraft)

This was my very first cosplay. Apparently, some part of my brain went “You know what would be fun? To dress up as a dragon wearing the most useless armor EVER” and another part, the part I usually trust to shoot down ideas like that, went “Great idea! Let’s do this.”


Morrigan (Dragon Age Origins)

I swear I’m not choosing to be half-naked in public on purpose. It just sort of… happens.

However, this is still by far my most comfortable cosplay, even if I do have to glue the bikini top to my chest.

Read more about the costume here.

Absol (Pokémon)

This is what happens when I decide to make an easy cosplay.
This costume has been described as “Victorian Lady from the back, stripper from the front” and even though it wasn’t my original intention with the design, I have a hard time arguing with that description.


Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Yes! Finally a normal costume!

…Except from the fact this costume was created entirely from stuff found around mine and a friend’s house, because I owned an owl and we felt obligated to do a Harry Potter photoshoot.

Articles (Danish):

Artemis the Cosplayer

Because I know how much you people love owls (I bet half of you are here solely for owl photos), I thought I would include a bonus section with a gallery of Artemis’ own cosplay adventures.