Angel’s Voice

Character profiles for the cast of the Angel’s Voice series.

Some character artwork will be a spoiler in itself, so if you haven’t read the book where that character is introduced (and is planning to), avoid even clicking on the ones marked with (Spoilers)

SelissaArdethAlassaneSeymourCadeyrnTaelanNadiaAsheCalenRaphael (Spoilers)FeryllRowanLeyaOrrellNemeseia

Selissa CharacterSelissa

The series’ leading lady who spends a lot of time complaining about all the unfortunate things that happen to her, despite half of them being her own fault.

She also have a tendency to blow stuff up and talks to a voice in her head.


Everyone’s favorite psychopath. He enters the scene when trying to kill Selissa, changes his mind and then sort of… sticks around.

He also has the ability to regrow his bones and pull them out of his body, so that’s lovely.


Favorite of the author, because he’s exactly as grumpy and sarcastic as she is.

Gets blamed by Selissa for most of the things that go wrong in her life, but he often deserves it.

Most of the things that could be written about him would be spoilers, so… Guess this is it.


Completely unfairly disliked by the author because he’s a nice guy and nice guys aren’t all that interesting to write about. However, he adds some much needed sanity to the books.

Nephilim, due to his mother being a human woman and his father being an archangel. Healer, because someone needs to do something about all the people the rest of the cast keeps stabbing.

Archangel CadeyrnCadeyrn

It’s totally cool to have artwork of a character that doesn’t actually have a physical body.

The series’ main character will blame her problems on a long line of people, but it really all comes down to this guy (and whoever thought it was okay to put an archangel inside her mind.)

Taelan Rebel LeaderTaelan

Former nobleman, current rebel, all-time badass.

He can also walk through walls (and people), so, you know… that’s useful.

“No matter the outcome, I still appreciate your help. It will be nice having you at my back.” Suddenly realizing something, she blanched. “Provided nobody stabs you.”

Quiet Whisper – Chapter 23


Shy, sweet Nadia… who can tell you exactly how you’re going to die, so better stay on her good side.

Priestess AsheAshe

Healer and priestess, one of the few characters who doesn’t have a few screws loose.


Childhood friend of Selissa and priest of Issara.

Is NOT treated well by the author.

Raphael Fallen AngelRaphael

Did you click on the tab, even though you could see the spoiler warning…? Shame on you.

It’s not our fault that a spoiler-free character artwork would have been so much less cool.


Magister of Var’nori. Takes on Selissa as a reluctant apprentice.

Gets hit over the head with a rock for his troubles.


Feryll’s sort-of-not-really-assistant. You don’t want to meet her with a crossbow.

Will likely have spoiler-ish character artwork once it gets added.


Classy mage, specialized in Divination.

Not too fond of having to drag her feet through muddy fields, just to prevent everyone from getting gruesomely murdered.


“Who the hell is Orrell?” 
That’s a valid question, considering the book he’s introduced in isn’t even published yet, but the author is in love with this grumpy bastard who’s just trying to do his job and he’s going to stick around for at least one more book.

At this point, captain Orrell had known her for all of ten minutes and was already looking to be on the brink of a nervous breakdown, so Selissa let him deal with that and turned her attention elsewhere.

Ghostly Scream – Chapter 47

Nemeseia character artNemeseia

Only short story-exclusive character to make the character list. You may recognize her from the Demon’s Dance cover.

She’s here because female villains need more love (and because we got cool character artwork of her).

All character artwork done by the lovely ViceralSiren