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No Seeing Eye Dog For Me

Selfie Eyes

My LASIK surgery on Monday went well, and as such I won’t get that big fluffy seeing eye dog my friends promised me in case I went blind.

I guess I just have to accept my working eyes as a consolation price.

This post is my first time using a PC since the surgery (I can’t believe I have gone nearly an entire week without using my computer and I don’t even feel like I’m losing my mind…) and while the doctors claim it’s okay, I think I will give it a few more days before sitting in front of a screen again.

And it’s not just because I’m slightly terrified of how many emails and social media notifications have accumulated while I’ve been away…

I figure that as long as I have to tape plastic shields over my eyes and look like this while I’m sleeping, I can argue that I’m still not well enough for screen time:

LASIK Plastic Shields

I’ll be ready to star in Silent Hill any day now…

But seriously, even though my sight is still not completely stable, it feels amazing not having to wear glasses. Or, at least it will, once I stop reaching for said glasses everytime I notice I’m not wearing them.

An 18-year old habit like that isn’t all that easy to break.

Also, I once had a friend see me without glasses and then uttering the following line:

“Wow, you got beautiful eyes! …But your face looks weird.”

I gave him shit for that for a long time, but looking in the mirror now, I hate to admit that he was right… My face looks weird and I can’t get used to it.

I do have gorgeous eyes, though.

Selfie Eyes

I’m not sure if my eyes were always this sparkly (I haven’t seen them clearly in nearly two decades, after all) or if it’s just the excessive eye dropping that’s going on these days, but I needed no weird filters to achieve this look.

(Also, it’s so much easier to take selfies when you can actually see something and there’s no weird reflections in your glasses.)

Now me and my weird face will go back to watching Netflix and HBO, and eating my way through my rapidly diminishing stash of snacks, while enjoying that I’m banned from doing physical labor for another week and as such no one can complain about all my gardening not getting done. Doctor’s orders.