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My Makeshift Typewriter

I love gadgets.

And though I have a perfectly good netbook (With teeth-mark on the lid from where my dog tried to eat it), I rarely bother to bring it with me or actually turn it on. So with a little imagination and the wonders of eBay, I put together something that I could always bring with me along with my notebook in order to type up stories and chapters without the distraction of my laptop.

You need:

1xSmartphone (Type doesn’t matter, but I use a Xperia Arc S from Sony Ericsson)

1xAdapter – USB mini to regular

1xUSB keyboard (Preferably small enough to comfortably carry in a handbag)

Plug it all up, download a writing app like Google Drive and you have yourself a makeshift typewriter! An smartphone is awful to do internet surfing on and only carry minor games, so the 100031 distractions  provided by a normal computer are gone, leaving you able to concentrate on writing.

It might not be as comfortable as a laptop, but it works and I can carry it with me everywhere. It also means that I can sit down and type in the middle of the archery range (I would not recommend that unless you’re alone…) if I want to.

I have talked about how writing by hand gives me a way to write without distractions. Now I have a way of typing what I write up without getting caught up in the evilness of Spider Solitaire as well(Nearly choked on air when the game count showed 15200… And that’s despite it resetting everytime my computer breaks down!).

Next up, I will tell you about the wonders of mixing exercise in the gym with ebook reading (Again, would not recommend it if you get so caught up in a book that you fly off the treadmill…)!