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SubRosa – A Webcomic

SubRosa is a new webcomic created by my good friend Hans Christian, who goes under the alias Divergence 5 in cyperspace. He is not only the person who designs my book covers for me, but also the guy who originally came up with the character of Alassane! He has been such an amazing help in writing Resounding Echo and in keeping me optimistic about my writing, so I have already waited way too long with dedicating a blog post to him!

He has always been an incredible creative person and I’m very excited about his latest project, the webcomic SubRosa!

It’s only in the beginning stages, but maybe this post can encourage him to hurry up with some new pages!


After 113 years of war and struggle, times are changing. Not for the better, not for the worse, but in ways that will take it in a completely different direction.
The Curse is upon us. It will claim many victims as it rages among us. It will not hesitate and It will not cease.
The Unmentionables will not rest before they’ve reached their goal.
But some will stand against The Unmentionables.
They will defy the Curse, but only time can tell if they will succeed. The way they must go is clear, but not without obstacles. The Unmentionables will not tolerate anyone going against them and will do everything in their power to stop them from foiling their plan.
Many signs will appear during the journey for answers… Some will tell the story of the Creaters’ return, but in the ears of the unknowing it is merely an old tale.
But soon… The truth will be told.


The prologue here is about the only thing he has given me as a clue to the plot of the comic, so only time will tell what is going to happen in the future! I’ll wait with bated breath(So when I die, it’s ALL his fault)…