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Guest Post by Vanessa Finaughty – 5 Reasons I Prefer Self-Publishing

Vanessa Finaughty AuthorToday I have a short guest post by fellow fantasy author Vanessa Finaughty. She is doing a blog tour during October to promote her upcoming fantasy adventure series Wizard of Ends.
The two first books will be released during this month and the blog tour will be packed with exciting giveaways from both Vanessa and other fantasy authors(myself included), so it would be well-worth your time to keep an eye out.  

There will be more info on Vanessa and her blog tour at the end of the post. For now, I’ll shut up and let her have the word. 


There are as many reasons to self-publish as there are to go the traditional route. Which route you choose depends largely on your personal needs/wants – just don’t think going the traditional route means you won’t have to market your books. Nowadays, authors are the ones who do most of the marketing regardless of the publishing medium.

Below are five of the main reasons I chose to self-publish my books without sending a single query to an agent or traditional publisher:

  1. I have full control over my books, who edits them, when they are published, how they are priced and everything in between.
  1. I can set my own deadlines in a way that allows me to pace myself, so I can easily fit in writing, publishing and marketing along with work, baby time and life’s myriad other responsibilities.
  1. I retain full copyright of all my books and don’t need to ask anyone for permission to do xyz.
  1. I can discount my books or give them away as I see fit.
  1. Let’s not forget the royalties – self-published authors see a much higher percentage of their royalties.

So, now that you all know I’m a control freak when it comes to my books… I’ll end by saying I’m so happy with my publishing choice that, even if a traditional publisher had to approach me with an offer, I would very likely turn it down. I say ‘very likely’ rather than ‘definitely’ because hey, everyone has a price 😉

I hope this post encourages some aspiring authors to take the leap!

That’s all from Vanessa in this round, but she will be back here the 30th to talk about how to introduce and write about nameless characters! 

If you wish to follow the rest of the blog tour, check out the tour itinerary for dates, links and giveaways! 

You can also follow Vanessa Finaughty to find out more about her books:
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