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The Joy of Having Coworkers Who Get You

Gift Basket Chips Rum

Gift Basket Chips Rum

I wasn’t going to do a blog post about this, but I guess it’s time to stop pretending it’s not a major milestone in my life.

Today was my last day of the job I have had for 5½ years and I was feeling pretty good about it. Over the last year, this job had started sucking the life out of me and frankly made me miserable, so this morning I was feeling relieved and ready to tell it all to ‘bite me’ before I left later in the day.

But then my coworkers (who are all great people and in no way responsible for me not liking my job) went and got me a gift basket that proves that, even though we never had much in common, they know me pretty well. Instead of getting me one of those standard nice gift baskets with wine and fancy chocolate, they took the time to put together a basket with crispy snacks and a bottle of rum and Coca Cola, because they remembered I prefer drinks over wine or beer. Personally they all enjoy fine dinners and wine, but they know I’m a basic bitch and they have never tried to change that.

So instead of feeling happily spiteful, I’m now filled with nostalgia and affection for these people who will no longer be part of my day-to-day life…

Damn them.



2 thoughts on “The Joy of Having Coworkers Who Get You

  1. So often it’s the people that make a job worth keeping. But… I’ve had jobs where even the best co-workers couldn’t save the bad job situation. I hope you find new co-workers who bring you joy!

    1. Thank you!

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