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Army of Artemis

Owl Army

I’m not really sure what goes through people’s mind when I tell them I own an owl…

You would think they would just accept the reality that I’m odd and be done with it, but it seems like they need to do something to remind me that I have an owl. I have had Artemis the Burrowing Owl for less than a year, but my house is already filled with all kinds of owl merchandise. I didn’t mind at first, but it’s starting to get a bit out of control… (Says I and take a sip from my owl mug)

I’ve got an entire table filled with owl figurines(last I counted I had 25), owl pillows on my couch, owl bedsheets, an owl shower curtain, owl jewelry, owl salt and pepper shakers and who knows what else… I need an owl doormat, though!

So since people insists on giving me owl-related things, I decided to have a little fun:

Owl Army

Behold, the army of Artemis! CHARGE!

Yes, I know I need help…

2 thoughts on “Army of Artemis

  1. Will the real Artemis please stand up! I like the owl with the graduation cap 😀

    1. Artemis is the ringleader in the front! You can just see the plans of takeover in his eyes…

      And I actually have two owls with graduation caps 😀 One of them is a candle, though… I just don’t have the heart to light it!

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