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Going to KoyoCon 2019

Bøger KoyoCon ugle

If you’re going to the Danish pop culture convention KoyoCon this year, you can say hello to me.

Because I’ll be there.KoyoCon Logo

Like I have been every year…

Since the convention was founded…

Okay, so this announcement isn’t really a surprise, is it…? But it’s still good news!

This year, I won’t be sitting in the Artist Alley-area, but instead be having my author table in the dealer hall right next to the NerdVault booth, which I’m helping out at. So not only will you be able to buy books, you can also get a wig and some Worbla while you’re at it. Everybody wins.

Of course, the reason why I’m especially excited this year is because it’s the first convention I’m going to after not only releasing my new book, but also rebranding the old ones! I have a feeling this year’s sales pitch will be along the lines of “Sure, the stories are fine… but look how pretty the covers are!”

I’m telling you, if you end up at my table, just smile and nod like you would when dealing with any other crazy person. It’s the safest solution for everyone.

Oh, and KoyoCon 2019 will be held November 8.-10. if you want to join us!

Keep an eye on my Facebook page as well. I will probably be hosting a KoyoCon-related giveaway soon. Free stuff, y’all.

Bøger KoyoCon ugle

3 thoughts on “Going to KoyoCon 2019

  1. Have fun! And your little crocheted owl is super cute. 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      I won that crocheted owl in the cosplay contest at this very convention (their mascot is an owl) one year… and it is easier to get to sit still than my actual owl, so I thought it would do well for this photo xD

      1. 😀 It’s good to know that owls don’t generally pose for pictures any better than cats do.

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