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Hail Hydra! – HydraCon 2015

Alliance postsign WarcraftHorde postsign Warcraft

I’m home from yet another convention and even though I for once didn’t attend as an author, you’re going to get a post about it anyway!

Mostly because I got some pretty pictures taken.

I have mentioned HydraCon briefly before. It’s a new Danish gaming and comic convention that opened its doors for the first time this weekend.  We can all be honest and say it’s been having some start-up problems, resulting in it being a very small convention this year, but hopefully it will improve next year.

But it’s not all bad. It has never been so easy to find an empty changing room or getting through the line in the cafeteria.

I didn’t attend Artist Alley at this convention, so what did I do instead? Well, I banded together with a group of my geekiest friends (and that’s saying a lot) and hosted HydraCon’s Warcraft Corner.

Warcraft Corner Hydracon

It should come as no surprise to anyone following this blog that I’m into cosplay, gaming cosplay in particular. So are many of my friends and quite a few of my friends are also to be found among the Danish convention organizers, so we were able to get our very own space at HydraCon to display our various props and costumes.

It couldn’t have been better timing either, as the new expansion for World of Warcraft was announced at Gamescom the day before. Several attempts at going to bed were foiled by sudden, passionate discussions about lore or new class mechanics.

I faintly remember launching into a tirade about warlocks Saturday night…

I did cheat a bit on my fellow Warcrafters (the name was totally Steffan’s, our resident Lich King/Medivh, idea) though. Friday I participated in the Cosplay Showcase contest with my Morrigan (Dragon Age) cosplay. I won the Best Look-Alike category, while my fellow Warcrafter Lisa (Namalyn Cosplay) blew everyone else out of the water and won Best Craftmanship with her amazing female Deathwing cosplay!

Showcase Winners Hydracon

Another thing that was both good and bad about the small number of convention guests was that all the photographers had plenty of time. Normally they only have time to snap a couple pictures of each cosplayer, if they even have time for you at all, while at HydraCon, you were basically kidnapped before you were done putting on your costume and then photographed from every possible angle.

Which is awesome, but at some point you just want to lie down and cry from exhaustion!

Also, outdoor photos are nice and all for male characters, but female game character were not designed for the Danish weather… Luckily, Medivh didn’t mind sharing his cloak.

Now I intend to melt into my couch and not move at all for about a week. I’m also going to pretend I don’t have a book deadline before Koyocon in November, while I wait for photographers to upload some pictures of this weekend’s craziness.

6 thoughts on “Hail Hydra! – HydraCon 2015

  1. Jeg kom forbi din side lidt tilfældigt men et guldfund! Du skriver godt og dit cosplay er fænomenalt.

    Keep it up 🙂
    Alf Nielsen

    1. Aw, tak for kommentaren 🙂 Den varmer!
      Ved dog ikke helt hvad jeg skal tænke om dit brugernavn 😉

      1. haha nah, jeg har haft det så længe at jeg ikke vil skifte det ud :S
        Hvad bliver det næste cosplay-projekt?

    2. Det næste bliver Jaina Proudmoore fra Warcraft(en blanding af hendes outfits fra Warcraft 3 og Heroes of the Storm i stedet for hendes World of Warcraft-udgave) 🙂
      Skal ikke sige hvornår det bliver færdigt, men regner i hvert fald med at det er klar til premieren på Warcraft-filmen til næste sommer! Og med stor sandsynlighed lang tid før, da jeg burde få meget ekstra tid lige så snart min næste bog er sendt til print i næste uge.

      1. Spændende projekt! Jeg er helt vild med WC-universet men kan ikke forskellen på hendes outfit fra hhv. wc3 og hots :S

        Derimod kan jeg anbefale WH40k-verden og specielt Horus Heresy-serien – 30+ bind som alle er virkelig velskrevet. Hvad handler din nye bog om?

    3. Der er heller ikke så stor forskel på de to outfits, da HotS-udgaven er stærkt inspireret af WC3-versionen 🙂 Kappen, staven og trøjen er dog forskellige og HotS-udgaven har pauldrons og knæbeskyttere hvilket jeg synes er en meget sær form for rustning(hvilken kamp situation kommer du ud i hvor det kun er dine skuldre og dine knæ der skal beskyttes?!).

      Og har overvejet at sætte mig ind i Warhammer 40k-universet, da jeg efterhånden samarbejder en del med en flok 40k-cosplayere til conventions 🙂

      Min næste bog er nummer 3 i den serie jeg arbejder på for tiden. Jeg arbejder på at få skrevet en såkaldt “bagsidetekst”, men det er overraskende svært at koge en hel bog ned til et par enkelte paragraffer!

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