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I’m Going to KoyoCon 2022

KoyoCon 2022 will be held this weekend, opening on Friday, and once again you will be able to find me at my table in the Artist Alley area of the convention, likely complaining about how heavy boxes of books are to lug around.

If you’re going, come by and have a chat.

I will, of course, be selling copies of my books, but restlessness have caused me to broaden the selection of goods I’m offering.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I learned how to crochet because I needed a few dice bags, and things got out of hand.

Crochet dice bags

They need to go before I end up drowning in them, okay? And no, just ceasing making them is apparently not an option.

Crochet hooks and yarn have most ADHD toys beat.

Don’t really have much of an excuse for the jewelry, except that I needed something to do with the leftover materials from bookmark making. So yeah, you can buy a set of earrings as well, because why the heck not?

Oh, and my mother also knitted a bunch of owls, and I’m trying not to take it personally. Come get one of those as well.

If you’re trying to find my booth on the convention map, I have renamed it as “Louring’s Books and Knickknacks”. Three guesses as to why.

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