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Quiet Whisper – Excerpt (Chapter 34)

Selissa took a look at the guardsman standing in the room, scowling at Ardeth while Josiah was tending to another patient. While recognizing him as one of the rebels who often stood guard at the main gates, she also noticed the blood running from a wound at his temple and from his cracked lip.

“What happened to him?” Selissa asked as Josiah hurried over to her after finishing up his work. On the bed, Ardeth’s lip twitched slightly.

“He fell down the stairs,” the assassin said pleasantly. Selissa looked at him with a raised eyebrow, wondering how exactly someone managed to fall down the stairs of a one-story building. But seeing as no one tried to deny it, she decided not to ask.

4 thoughts on “Quiet Whisper – Excerpt (Chapter 34)

  1. I appear to be coming into this midway (seeing as it’s an excerpt from chapter 34)…but go on…

    1. I’m just posting random excerpts from my books on here every once in a while.
      Had to try something to keep this blog from being all owls and weird costumes 😉

      1. There’s nothing wrong with owls and weird costumes (I particularly like the Absol one, but that’s because Pokemon). That said, I just want to read all the books from writers I know.

        1. I love the Absol one as well, even though the design sort of got away from me (still not quite sure how my Pokémon design ended up looking like a burlesque dancer with a horn), but if I’m going to half-heartedly pretend this is an author site and not just a geek den, I will need something writing related.
          I’m revising all the books in this series at the moment, and will be rereleasing them with new covers just before the next book is published, but until then, I’m just trying to keep up momentum!

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