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Returning From Hibernation

Let me start out by saying that 2014 was a great year for me. It was a great year for hanging out with old friends and a year where I met many new ones. It was a year where I challenged myself like I never had before and came out on top. Not only did my personal life work out well, I also started at a great new job after rotting away in a classroom for so many years.

However, 2014 was a truly awful year for writing.

An unwritten law seems to say that I can’t both be writing and be happy at the same time. The times where I have felt the most inspired to write is when I have been absolutely miserable. Be it when stressing over finals or slowly going insane from insomnia, misery just seems to be the fuel that drives my writing.

And that means, since I have generally been content with my life this past year, that I barely written a thing. Half a short story and a single novel chapter is probably putting the estimate high. I just haven’t been feeling it.

But 2015 seems to have brought with it a new load of determination! I still have so many stories to be told, and now I’m going to sit my ass down and actually tell them! In the last week, I have already written more than I did in all of 2014, so I’ll just have to keep going.

Of course it means I have been fairly miserable in January(so much to do at work and I started the year out with a lovely case of the flu that just won’t seem to let go of me), but if any unexpected wave of happiness comes my way, I’ll be sure to beat it back with a stick.

…or maybe just pull through it and write anyway. That might be healthier.

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