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To My Beloved Brother


Today was the release day for my new book Silent Sound and as happy as I am to see my second book on the market, there’s a personal reason for choosing this exact date.

I have known from the beginning that this book would be dedicated to my older brother Michael. So when May came around and I got ready to publish it, I realized that this would be the perfect day to do it.

Exactly 10 years ago, my brother died after having been hit by a car the day before. It was a huge blow to family and we nearly didn’t make it through it. But we did, and here all these years later, I have made my peace with it. But I still miss him and seeing how my life turned out, I thought this was the perfect way to mark this day.

Silent Sound’s Dedication 

To my beloved brother, who I know is watching over me from wherever he is now.

I’m sorry for not appreciating you while you were with me.