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Samoyed Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived. The sun is shining, birds are chirping… And my white furballs are developing their adult dog coat!

So before I could even consider spring cleaning the house, my doggies needed a thoughout brushing!

So that’s what I did… Recruiting my father and arming both of us with dog brushes, I went to war!


One hour later, I was more covered in fur than the dogs, and the dogs looked… About the same.

And worst of all, they just stood there looking innocent as if they hadn’t made me wrestle them for an hour until I was out of breath and had dog fur up my nose.

On the other hand, I now have enough dog hair to soundproof my bedroom… Or knit a dozen sweaters. I’m beginning to believe the only reason farmers raise sheep instead of samoyeds is the smell of wet dog when you wash the wool…

I have always wondered why such long-haired dogs didn’t shed more than they do. Now I know it’s just because they save up until they can shed an entire coat at once!

Dog fur

I had to mash it all together to be able to hold it, and half of it was still attached to my clothes(And a great deal in my nose…)! And Aika is just sitting and grinning at me while my back is turned! Why did I even get the only dog breed capable of grinning?!