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Brb, the Owl is Eating the Toaster

Samoyed Dog and Owl

So… Apparently I’m grounded.

My writing buddy, Jessie, knows that I have a certain talent for doing stupid things when she’s not there to stop me. So since we haven’t talked for several months, she didn’t quite know what to answer to the IM “Just a sec, the owl is eating the toaster”.

To be fair, getting an owl is not THAT crazy, compared to other things I have done in her absence (Let’s not mention that gay dating site…). But apparently, she’s now convinced that is she ever goes MIA again, the next message will be “Hold on, my dragon is burning the neighbour’s roof!” She just doesn’t trust me at all…

Anyway, back to the owl…

A couple of months ago, I got this adorable 3-weeks old Burrowing Owl. And in my defense, the falconer who sold it to me had me signed up for one for almost a year! Getting an owl might still be stupid, but at least I thought this stupid thing through first…

But I assure you, if you had seen the little guy when he was just a chick, you would have wanted him too! Isn’t he just cute?

I named him/her Artemis, but I really have no idea if it’s a boy or a girl! I still need to take him to the vet to get him tested. It’s so much easier with cats and dogs where you just have to turn them around and look…

As he(Poor guy gets a girl name, but I still call him ‘he’) was just a baby when I got him, I spent close to a month getting up at six in the morning to chop up day-old chickens and mice. He needed to be fed every 6 hours and I was hand-feeding him in order for him to see me as a fellow. He doesn’t think he’s human, I apparently just haven’t realized that I’m an owl yet…

What I was most worried about, was how my dogs would react. As it turned out, he scared the crap out of Shika. I kept him in a box the first week, and Shika made sure to walk in a big circle AROUND the box. Never mind the fact that he could squeeze the bird with his paw and that it was sitting on the bottom of a cardboard box…

But he came around. As a matter of fact, it only took a few days before he thought the bird was the cutest thing in the world. And despite of both of my dogs being big Samoyeds, Artemis was not the least bit afraid of them. So quickly, him and Shika became the best of friends. I swear, that’s the strangest friendship I have ever seen…

Dog and Owl

I guess I just have to deal with the fact that I’ll never get normal pets…

But I still don’t see why Jessie won’t let me get a dragon! I would feed it, and walk it, and pet it… Besides, I’m sure my admission letter from Hogwarts is coming any day now…

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Samoyed Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived. The sun is shining, birds are chirping… And my white furballs are developing their adult dog coat!

So before I could even consider spring cleaning the house, my doggies needed a thoughout brushing!

So that’s what I did… Recruiting my father and arming both of us with dog brushes, I went to war!


One hour later, I was more covered in fur than the dogs, and the dogs looked… About the same.

And worst of all, they just stood there looking innocent as if they hadn’t made me wrestle them for an hour until I was out of breath and had dog fur up my nose.

On the other hand, I now have enough dog hair to soundproof my bedroom… Or knit a dozen sweaters. I’m beginning to believe the only reason farmers raise sheep instead of samoyeds is the smell of wet dog when you wash the wool…

I have always wondered why such long-haired dogs didn’t shed more than they do. Now I know it’s just because they save up until they can shed an entire coat at once!

Dog fur

I had to mash it all together to be able to hold it, and half of it was still attached to my clothes(And a great deal in my nose…)! And Aika is just sitting and grinning at me while my back is turned! Why did I even get the only dog breed capable of grinning?!

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Friday, Friday, Being Lazy On a Friday!

Samoyed Dog Couch

Argh, now that Rebecca Black song is stuck in my head!

Anyway, another week has come and gone and there’s nothing like just lying around to celebrate that! And no one lies around being lazy like my beautiful and cuddly samoyed Shika.

Samoyed Dog Couch

And as the adorable ball of fluff he is, he ended up recruiting me for lazy time(I fought it… I really did…). And yes, that is indeed me lying on the armrest of the couch. Should I be worried that I always end up sitting on the armrest, while my dogs spread out on the couch?

Samoyed Dog Couch

Today I don’t feel like doing aaaaanything… I just wanna lie in my bed…”

There’s nothing like watching the news with an armful of samoyed on a friday afternoon! Somehow it easens the fact that Holland is in way too much debt, our minister of foreign affairs sounds more pathetic speaking english than a 4th grader and that people are still getting slaughtered in the Middle East. Let fluff save the world…

Samoyed Dog Couch

“What’s that?”

Shika pretends he doesn’t see the need for taking pictures of him… But he’s white, he’s fluffy, he’s cuddly and he knows that perfectly well!

Fortunately, he hasn’t discovered that it makes it impossible to be mad at him yet… His brother Aika, on the other hand, feels no shame at all, because he knows that he can just tilt his head and wag his tail and everyone think he is oooooh so adorable… (He is, but don’t tell him I said it!)

Samoyed Dog Couch

Hug attack!

I slipped from the armrest, honest! It’s his own fault for being so damn hug-able anyway.

I take back what I said earlier… Hugs AND fluff will save the world. Who wants to fight if they can cuddle up with this guy instead?

Samoyed Dog Hug

And of course, Aika shouldn’t be left out!

That look in his eyes can probably be translated to “What the woof is she doing? Don’t take pictures, you idiot, get her off me!”

He normally manage to get away when I get in a hugging mood… Got you this time, chubby!

So here you got the Samoyed Guide to Fridays!

Now my advice to everyone is: When it’s friday, go samoyed!

Hmm… I could probably earn more money lending those two out as teddy bears than I ever could selling books…

Happy Friday everyone!