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KoyoCon Aarhus 2023

Books Artist Alley

I’m slowly recovering from the latest KoyoCon, this being their new Aarhus based event that was held for the first time this weekend.

Once again you could find me in Artist Alley, selling books and trinkets, quite often halfway through putting on makeup or wigs for a cosplay. So if you came and talked to me while pointedly ignoring me having only a single heavily done up eye, know that you are appreciated.

KoyoCon Aarhus 2023 Artist Alley

I have no funny cosplay stories from this con, and I’m fairly sure nobody took any photos that my friends can use for blackmail for years to come, so this will be a fairly boring Post Con post. Maybe I will take this chance to talk about what’s going on with my writing? That is such a foreign concept to both me and readers of this blog, but I have actually been working hard on my next book, and during the weekend I might have made a lot of promises about when said book might arrive in the wild, so… keep an eye on this space, I guess?

(Cue internal panic as yours truly realizes that she now has to follow through on all those promises.)

Better end with a little bit of con shenanigans. I won the League of Legends quiz! And no, it had nothing to do with me dragging my LoL enthusiast coworker along, since my own League experience boils down to the 2½ matches I played back in 2010…

Also, I 100% wore the cat ear headset accessories I got as a prize during our weekly meeting call at work on Monday afternoon.
…Not a single one of my coworkers commented on them. I’m not quite sure what that says about my everyday weirdness level, to be honest.

Cat Ears Headset Meeting