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KoyoCon Aarhus 2023

Books Artist Alley

I’m slowly recovering from the latest KoyoCon, this being their new Aarhus based event that was held for the first time this weekend.

Once again you could find me in Artist Alley, selling books and trinkets, quite often halfway through putting on makeup or wigs for a cosplay. So if you came and talked to me while pointedly ignoring me having only a single heavily done up eye, know that you are appreciated.

KoyoCon Aarhus 2023 Artist Alley

I have no funny cosplay stories from this con, and I’m fairly sure nobody took any photos that my friends can use for blackmail for years to come, so this will be a fairly boring Post Con post. Maybe I will take this chance to talk about what’s going on with my writing? That is such a foreign concept to both me and readers of this blog, but I have actually been working hard on my next book, and during the weekend I might have made a lot of promises about when said book might arrive in the wild, so… keep an eye on this space, I guess?

(Cue internal panic as yours truly realizes that she now has to follow through on all those promises.)

Better end with a little bit of con shenanigans. I won the League of Legends quiz! And no, it had nothing to do with me dragging my LoL enthusiast coworker along, since my own League experience boils down to the 2½ matches I played back in 2010…

Also, I 100% wore the cat ear headset accessories I got as a prize during our weekly meeting call at work on Monday afternoon.
…Not a single one of my coworkers commented on them. I’m not quite sure what that says about my everyday weirdness level, to be honest.

Cat Ears Headset Meeting

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KoyoCon 2022

Artist Alley KoyoCon 2022

Last week I went to KoyoCon, as I do every year. It’s hard to keep coming up with new and interesting things to share when doing a post, but as is most often the case, I had a good time!

Even after all these years, I greatly enjoy talking to people who come by my booth in Artist Alley and I’m so happy that I keep seeing both new and old faces. There’s always an inspiring author asking for advice, and someone coming by to get my latest book after buying the other ones at a previous convention.

Oh, and then there are the conversation where you spend 20 minutes talking to someone with a TV for a head.

(Cosplay conventions are the most trippy experiences you can get without drugs.)

Artist Alley KoyoCon 2022

I did a bit of cosplaying myself as well. I had somehow gotten roped into cosplaying Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4. How she chases zombies in that evening dress in the middle of some Mexican desert town, I will never understand, but I think I mostly kept from accidentally flashing people.

My friends had way too much with getting me to pose for photos, though, so I’m honestly afraid of checking the contents of my camera’s SD card.

Maybe you’ll get an embarrassing cosplay post one of these days.

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Genki, Night Elves and Defenestration

Genki Artist Alley

It’s Sunday and Genki has come and gone. I’m dead tired, but as usual I had a great time participating in Artist Alley, even if my friends managed to get me covered in super glue. Again. Seriously, guys!

I’ve been to quite a few of these conventions by now, three times as an author promoting my books, and I have got to know a lot of new people, so I met many familiar faces and made even more friends this time around. I was there with my friends Simone and Nina, both of whom are way better at promoting me than I am. Simone is the born saleswoman and if you don’t believe me, take a look at the post I’ll be putting up later.

Apparently, everybody is better at selling books than I am… Earlier today, a random guy came around my table and started promoting my books to passerbys. His only request was that I threw someone out a window in my next book. How could I say no?

Since it was a J-Pop convention, there was a lot of focus on costumes as well. Simone is a great cosplayer (see her Facebook page Skymone Cosplay) and she was wearing her Night Elf(World of Warcraft) costume during Saturday. However, she had some technical difficulties and apparently, my table was the best place to fix various broken armour items. Hence the super glue episode…

She looked great, though, and people was falling over themselves to take pictures of her. Check out the picture post to see some of the great shots!

All in all, I had a great weekend and even though I long to relax, I can’t really wait to sort through some of the pictures so I can post them here!

If you were at Genki, please throw me a comment on this post! Did you come and chat with me or do you have a funny convention story you want to share? Don’t be shy!

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Firing Up For Genki!

Genki Logo

It’s time for another convention (didn’t I just get home from the last one…?)!

After two successful years at the Danish J-Pop convention SVScon, I have now graduated to the bigger Genki, which will be held from 30. August – 1. Septemper this year. It’s on the other side of the country, but that really doesn’t say much when you’re in Denmark, and it has twice the audience of SVScon. I’m so psyched about it!

As with SVScon, I will be found in the convention’s Artist Alley area(Table F. Isn’t it cool that it’s big enough to have lettered stands?). If you come see me, you will not only be able to get a signed copy of Resounding Echo or Silent Sound, you might also get to see me in the ridiculously revealing costume a friend of mine convinced me to make for this convention.

It’s a J-Pop convention. When in Rome, do as the Romans… (I’m probably going to regret this)

But enough about that. Don’t worry, there will be pictures once it’s done.

As usual, you will be able to buy both paperbacks and posters at my stand, but come around if you just want a chat as well! Or, you know, if you want to see me dressed as a skimpy dragon…