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Upcoming Short Story – Huntress

Just wanted to post an excerpt for the upcoming prequel to the Angel’s Voice Series. It will be featuring Selissa, the protagonist of the series, about 3 years prior to the beginning of Resounding Echo. It will be a delicious blend of demons and magic!

Look forward to seeing the cover soon!

The branches hid her from view as she watched the priests pass by. Their faces were dark and solemn as they slowly carried the body past the tree she was residing in.

She leaned forward to get a clearer view, careful not to rustle the leaves as she balanced on the thick branch. One wrong movement and she would stumble gracelessly to the ground and reveal her presence to the unsuspecting priests beneath her.

She frowned when she finally got a look at the man they were carrying. His body was covered by large, bloody wounds clearly made by long claws. Another demon attack.

The blood was still flowing from the wounds, but there was no doubt that the man was already dead. Even from where she sat, Selissa could see his lifeless eyes stare emptily into the air and she suppressed a shudder at the sight. She hoped they would close his eyes when they got him to the morgue.

The short story will be out sometime this month! Stay tuned!