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Yet Another ‘Yes, I’m Alive’ Post

Selissa character artwork

It’s funny how time flies, isn’t it?

I knew I had neglected this blog, but it somehow still came as a surprise when I looked at the date for my last post and saw that it’s been the better part of a year since then.

But then again, I do this a lot, don’t I? I wish I could say I have never had a friend turn up outside my door to check that I’m still alive because I have suddenly gone radio silent for a couple of weeks… but that would be a lie.

Really, I can’t even say I haven’t written this exact same thing in an earlier post, apologizing for another such absence. I might be in a loop where I can’t even remember what I have written here earlier, because it’s always been so damn long since I wrote it.

In regards to this blog, I believe I’m at least 1 convention and 3 LARP posts behind. Not to mention, I can’t remember the last time I posted an owl photo!

(Yes, Artemis is alive as well. That little demon will probably outlive us all.)

There’s not a lot of news on the book front. Progress on book 6 of the Angel’s Voice series is happening, but very, very slowly. I intend to rectify that in the coming months.

Apart from that, I wanted to share this super cool artwork of the series’ protagonist, Selissa, made by one of my good friends, Pidgero!

Selissa character artwork

He has known me pretty much since I started writing, and then he talked about replacing his old copies of my books with the new editions, I saw my chance to bribe him with a complete set in exchange for some artwork in the future. I feel like I made a good deal.

Hmm, what else do I have to tell you about? I need to pad out this post a bit more to keep my SEO plugin from complaining, but there’s only so much I can talk about from a time plagued by Covid and cancelled events. I have… played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons? Bought so many sets of dice that it’s bordering on addiction? Learned to crochet, just to make dice bags for aforementioned dice?

I promise, I’ll get around to uploading some Witcher School write ups soon. And maybe I’ll do a D&D-themed posts for the other diceheads out there.

Or maybe I’ll get distracted and it’ll be another year before anyone hears from me again (I hope not).

Stay tuned!


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My Next Book Will Be Called “Broken Melody”

Book cover question mark

Book cover question mark

I finally solved my title problem!

After months of asking on Twitter as well as on this blog, I eventually confided in a friend about my growing frustration.

15 minutes of brainstorming later and I had not only the title for this book, but for the rest of the planned books in the Angel’s Voice series.

It’s the same friend who helped me fix some typography issues when I was redesigning covers for the series. I might just have to start paying her…

Of course we’re continuing the ‘sound’-theme from the earlier books and naming the fifth book ‘Broken Melody’. Let’s hope I don’t jinx the book by naming it. The writing has been going remarkably well and I would love to break my habit of taking years to finish books.

And yes, I know some of you will be disappointed that the book won’t be called ‘CSI: Var’nori’, but it’s very important to remember that I’m often quite sleep-deprived when I write blog posts and that I never should have shared my weird working title with you to begin with. It’s bad enough that it’s still kind of stuck in my own head…

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Release of Demon’s Dance

Book Cover Demon

Book Cover Demon

After having released the cover AGES ago, it’s finally here! Demon’s Dance, a stand-alone short story set between Silent Sound and Quiet Whisper, is out as ebook.

As always with the Angel’s Voice short stories, Demon’s Dance can be read with no prior knowledge of the series, but it does feature the series characters. And as a treat to those passing by this blog, you can download it for free on Smashwords for the next three days if you use this:

Coupon codePL38Y

Selissa never considered herself a mercenary, but life has other plans. The clergy sends her to stop an unseen enemy, a killer responsible for a series of mysterious deaths, and everything goes smoothly until she crosses paths with the assassin Ardeth.

As the events unfold before her, Selissa suspects that there are some things the clergy wasn’t telling her…

Read an excerpt here.

Demon’s Dance is available on: 



Apple iBookstore

Barnes & Noble


Sony Reader Store

…as well as several smaller ebookstores.

If Demon’s Dance is not available at some of the mentioned stores, it might be because it has to go through a distributor. It will be up as soon as possible. 

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I was looking through some files on my computer and I found a lot of book-related sketches. Some of them are really cool and I thought it was a waste just having them lying around on my hard drive!

Here’s a few of them:

Alassane Skeleton

This was the very first drawing ever made for the Angel’s Voice series! And yes, it’s a smoking skeleton…

This came into being when I asked my good friend Hans Christian(aka Qulr) for ideas for the book I was going to write. Of course, people who have read Resounding Echo can guess which character this ended up being, but at the time I really didn’t know how I was going to fit a smoking skeleton into the story!

Sketch Cloaked Woman

This one should be easy to recognize! It is, of course, the first sketch for the cover art of Resounding Echo! It was also the first drawing made of the main character, Selissa.

I remember nearly squealing with joy when the artist sent me this. I’m really not a squealy kind of person, but this was just so much better than anything I had pictured in my head and I still love it to this day.

As much as I like the finished version, I think the sketch captures the character even better. She just have that look in her eyes…

Sketch Angel

Let’s continue with the cover artwork! This is the first sketch of Silent Sound’s cover art and also the first drawing of Seymour. I don’t know why the artist initially gave him long hair, but it is rather fetching on him, isn’t it?

Huntress Sketch

Last but not least, the sketch of the Huntress artwork!

For this one, I asked the artist ZKROX to try out a new style, instead of the manga-like style he used for my other covers. The result turned out really well, even though it ended up looking a lot different from the original sketch!

I think I will stop here for now, but I have lots of sketches laying around. I might post some of them later!

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Silent Sound Won’t Be Silent For Long!

Silent Sound Cover

Silent Sound - Cover

After an exciting weekend, I thought I would also bring some exciting news!

As I wrote in my blog post about my weekend at SVScon, Silent Sound is set to be released in May! Actually, if all goes well, it will be out this following week, but I learned not to trust the fickle gods of publishing when it comes to getting a book out when I promise it will be. Saying it will be out tomorrow is like saying it doesn’t look like it will rain before you go out. It’s gonna rain.

As with Resounding Echo, Silent Sound will be available in paperback on Amazon and as ebook at every major retailer.

Look out for it in the next couple of days!

Silent Sound

Life is much simpler when myths are merely fairy tales…

Selissa hardly thought her life could become any more complicated, but the gods seem to have developed a sadistic fondness for proving her wrong.

A request for her help with solving a series of mysterious attacks at one of the temples seemed fairly simple. But everything suddenly becomes far more complex when Selissa is told who she needs to protect from the unknown assailant. Because the target just happens to be the son of the archangel Arnath…