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Around the World!

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Hello! Hej! Tchüss! Hola! Privet! Shalom! (Okay, I’m done…)

It has now been a month since I launched my new website on May 14th and I wanted to make a post in order to celebrate that.

After I finished building the site, I worked hard to drive some traffic to it and I have had a lot of fun seeing where the site’s visitors come from. To my big surprise, I was quite popular in Vietnam in the first few days…

Of course, most of my views come from Denmark and USA, but I also get a lot of visitors from Canada and the UK. No surprise there, since it’s an English website. Might explain why the French seems to be avoiding me…

In total, my website has been visited by people from 63 countries around the world. That’s the advantage of having a website that’s actually accessable