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Broken Melody – Excerpt (Chapter 6)

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Selissa had no time to answer. Grabbing Rowan around the waist, she threw both of them out of the way as something came barreling past. As she tried to keep the stumbling Rowan from falling, Selissa took another look, because she couldn’t possibly have seen what she thought she had.

“Is that a Hellhound?” she muttered, but with all the screaming currently going on in the hall, her question drowned in the noise. 

“What’s going on?” Rowan demanded, clinging to Selissa to keep her footing. 

“I have absolutely no idea,” Selissa said honestly and pushed the other woman against the wall. “Stay here. Try not to look tasty.” 

What?!” But Selissa had already left her, dodging between the panicking guests and running toward what, undeniably, looked like a rampaging Hellhound. 

Who the hell let a demon in here? Selissa thought frantically. Admittedly she didn’t have that much experience with fancy banquets, but she hadn’t expect the entertainment to be quite this unconventional.

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