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Ghostly Scream – Excerpt (Chapter 43)

It was actually a rather disappointing sight. There were no sacrificial altars, no demonic symbols drawn on the floor, no cloaked acolytes chanting ancient spells. The room was bare, except from the torches, and Selissa wondered if she had finally found a villain without a sense for the dramatic. She was going to miss the monologues, though, seeing as those always cleared up a lot of confusion.

4 thoughts on “Ghostly Scream – Excerpt (Chapter 43)

  1. A minimalist maybe?

    1. Oh, indeed. A villain who gets straight to the point.

      1. Or just shoots you in the head… instead of leaving you alone suspending above a tank of hungry sharks.

        Also… where are Witcher castle pictures?

        1. An insanely long blog post will (hopefully) be up tonight, but as I couldn’t take any pictures during the event, there will only be the few shots I managed to take before and after the game until the official crew photographers put up the ones they took 🙁

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