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It’s My Birthday! And I’m… Writing a Blog Post?

Burger Shack Cheeseburger

In case the headline didn’t give away the big secret: It’s my birthday today!

My body is turning 27 and my soul is turning 80. You will likely hear me yell at the neighbor’s kids later, before I go to bed at the usual time at 9.30 pm.

There will be no party, no cake and – thankfully – no singing of happy birthday. My plan, in its entirety, is to go get takeaway food and eat it in the park if the weather stays nice.

This is, of course, because of Corona. Denmark is slowly lifting the lockdown, but it’s still illegal to gather more than 10 people at a time and the guidelines ask you not to be around other people at all unless necessary. I’m a good girl, so for more than a month I have only been talking with my boss, my mom and the lady at the pharmacy, because my doctor keeps prescribing me new drugs (I’m old, remember?).

Obviously I’m going a little crazy.

The most engaging conversation I had in all of April was with the plumber I let into my parents’ place.

We talked about sewage sludge.

I miss people. Twitter is just not the same, though I did wake up to find that Tamora Pierce had retweeted one of my silly owl book photos. That’s kind of neat. I also had a longer conversation yesterday about the cheeseburger I’m going to have later today and it reminded me that my birthday still has its bright spot. That cheeseburger is going to be on my mind all day and anyone who tries to convince me that I should treat myself to something nicer on my birthday will be bitten.

I need that cheeseburger.

Where was I again…? Oh yeah, birthday. I’m rather disappointed, really. I don’t care that none of the two other people in the office has wished me a happy birthday, but I had expected my favorite online bookstore to at least have sent me a discount code to celebrate. I have 18 books on my to-buy list and it’s my birthday, damnit!

I should probably go on Facebook and check if anyone has wished me a happy birthday or if they all think I’m dead because I haven’t been on Facebook for 4 months… But even if I’m dead, it’s still my birthday, so they really have no excuse.

Am I rambling? I might be rambling. What’s up with you guys today? Any wild plans? Do they include food? They should include food.

Sigh I’m going back to dreaming about my cheeseburger now.

UPDATE: I got my cheeseburger.

Burger Shack Cheeseburger


6 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday! And I’m… Writing a Blog Post?

  1. Happy belated birthday! 27 is the year of all the best human beings. And that burger looks about exactly as I’d expect one from a place called ‘The Burger Shack’ to look.

    1. Thank you!
      27 isn’t off to a great start, but it has almost an entire year to get off its ass and make better things happen.
      But it was a good burger <3

  2. I’m late to the metaphorical party here, but happy birthday!

    1. Thank you!
      Better late than never 😀

  3. Happy birthday

    1. Thank you!

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