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KoyoCon Aftermath Giveaway!

You know what day it is?

It’s Monday-After-Con-Weekend day.

My post-con blog post will be up soon(then my brain starts working well enough to remember what actually happened. My fellow Warcrafter Steffan zooming away on a cheetah might or might not be a hallucination), but for now I thought I would give a treat to potential new followers!

For the rest of November, I’m giving away the two short stories Huntress and Demon’s Dance, both of which are set in the same world as Resounding Echo and it’s sequels, away for free!

To get the ebooks, follow the links to Smashwords and enter the coupon code when buying the book.


Download it here

Coupon code: HW43C

Demon’s Dance

Download it here

Coupon code: YU82D

Redesign Fantasy Cover Book Cover Demon

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