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Resounding Echo Back on Barnes and Noble!


I’m happy to announce that Resounding Echo is once again available on Barnes & Noble’s Nook, as well as other platforms!

Like many others I enrolled into Amazon’s KDP Select Program, which requires you to keep your ebooks exclusive to Kindle and Amazon’s retailer sites.

From the start, I had a lot of doubts about the program and it took long before I finally gave in and enrolled Resounding Echo. Though it did help sales for a short period, it seems like some of my fears about it are getting realized.

I read the Kindle Direct Publishing’s forums every day to hear from other authors, and it seems like everyone have suffered greatly from the Select Program.

So I have no doubts about not renewing the contract and putting my books up for sale on other platforms again.

The ebook will now be available on:


Barnes and Noble



Make Your Offer

Apple iBookstore

Sony Reader Store


Remember that Resounding Echo is also available as paperback:



2 thoughts on “Resounding Echo Back on Barnes and Noble!

  1. Great post. I’m going through some of these issues as well..

    1. Issues with KDP Select? Or just having to get all the different retailers straight? 😉

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