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Character Series – Ashe

Priestess Ashe

I’m going to be starting a series of posts, each one focusing on one of my major characters! It will include various information as well as artwork of the character. If you have any ideas for something that should be included, write it in the comments and I will be sure to add it if I can. 

The character artwork in these posts are made by Emily B. aka ViceralSiren.

Priestess Ashe


Name: Ashe
Age: 24
Height: 5’6”(168cm)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Special traits: None
Ability: Healing
Ethnicity: Sinarian
Affiliation: Temple of Arnath(Clergy)
Occupation: Priestess

Ashe arrived at the temple of Arnath as a young girl in order to study to become a priestess. After becoming a priestess, she devoted her life to the service of Arnath.

Ashe is a very gentle and compassionate person, which is why she has chosen to serve the archangel of healing.
She is friendly and polite to everyone and has a lot of respect for her superiors.

Because of being a priestess of Arnath, she has the ability to use healing magic.


Ashe respects Selissa for offering her help to the temple of Arnath and for being the host of Cadeyrn. They become quick friends and Ashe often attempts to make Selissa loosen up and enjoy herself.

Ashe is one of the few people at the temple who doesn’t treat Seymour differently for being a Nephilim and because of that he is friendlier towards her. Despite not being close, they like and respect each other.

First appearance: Silent Sound – Chapter 4

“Excuse me…” A soft voice said behind her. She turned around to see a young woman, dressed in priest robes. “Are you Lady Selissa?”
Lady? She thought disbelieving. What had the High Priest told them about her?
“Just Selissa, please.” She told the priestess. The other woman smiled and bowed her head to her.
“I’m Ashe. I was told to greet you and make sure you got settled in.” She said, a soft smile on her face. Selissa couldn’t help but immediately like her. Her honestly kind smile reminded her of Calen.
She was slender and only slightly shorter than herself. Her features were as soft as her smile, framed by wavy blonde hair, giving her a dainty beauty. Her eyes were an icy blue that would have seemed cold on anyone else, but here only managed to add to the soft image.
“That’s very kind of you, Ashe.” Selissa said and couldn’t help returning the smile. Ashe’s smile widened in return and her eyes twinkled in the waning evening light.
“It’s my pleasure.” She said and seemed to mean it. “Let me show you the way to your room.”

Artwork of Ashe: