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Quiet Whisper – Excerpt (Chapter 41)

“I’m a big girl,” Selissa said dryly. “You don’t need to hold my hand.”

“I wasn’t talking about me,” Bane said. “You’re taking Vael with you.”

Vael let out a hiss and Selissa found herself sharing the sentiment. “I’m doing what? She’s not going to watch my back, she’s going to stab me in it!”

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Quiet Whisper – Excerpt (Chapter 34)

Selissa took a look at the guardsman standing in the room, scowling at Ardeth while Josiah was tending to another patient. While recognizing him as one of the rebels who often stood guard at the main gates, she also noticed the blood running from a wound at his temple and from his cracked lip.

“What happened to him?” Selissa asked as Josiah hurried over to her after finishing up his work. On the bed, Ardeth’s lip twitched slightly.

“He fell down the stairs,” the assassin said pleasantly. Selissa looked at him with a raised eyebrow, wondering how exactly someone managed to fall down the stairs of a one-story building. But seeing as no one tried to deny it, she decided not to ask.

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Quiet Whisper – Excerpt (Chapter 20)

“-and half of them are dead now!” an aggravated male voice said, too close for comfort. “I’m telling you, that man is a demon! How did they even catch him in the first place?”

Taelan glanced at her when it became clear who they were talking about and shot her a small grin, looking bizarrely pleased by the description.

Why do I get all the insane people? Selissa would have pinched the bridge of her nose in exasperation if it wasn’t because her arms were trapped against said insane person and her nose was still very much broken. Oh, and if she wasn’t about to be killed.

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Quiet Whisper – Excerpt (Chapter 36)

‘I have witnessed the death of quite a few hosts. That includes the man who thought setting a Hellhound on fire was a good way to kill it,’ Cadeyrn continued. ‘Do you really want to go over in history as another who got herself killed by her own stupidity?’

Selissa frowned slightly. “Just to clarify, would running headfirst into a curse be better or worse than getting eaten by a pissed-off, flaming Hellhound?”

‘I would call it a tie. So just consider how immensely foolish I find this plan of yours.’