Various Geekery

In case you haven’t already guessed, I’m a huge geek, and whenever I’m not writing or arguing with my owl, I play games. A lot of games.

And then I tend to write rambling, mostly nonsensical blog posts about said games!

You might also find some stuff about LARP’ing and D&D and swords… You get my drift.

Do I Play Too Much Heroes of the Storm? Why Yes. Yes, I do

Not many think much of Heroes of the Storm after Blizzard pulled the plug on its eSport's scene - throwing in the towel and admitting to League of Legends that they win - but it's still my MOBA of choice. Possibly because it's less popular, meaning I have less 12-year ...
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To Bard or Not to Bard

I recently got invited to a new Dungeons & Dragons group and I was eager to make a character that would be useful with their existing group dynamic. I was told they could use frontliners and a healer, so - since I already play a Cleric in my other D&D ...
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Dragon Age Keep

Favorite Companions in Dragon Age

You might not have noticed because of all the Witcher stuff I post, but I have a deep-seated obsession with Dragon Age. And not just because of the dragons. (Though you can never have too many dragons.) Since I haven't been seeing a lot of my real life friends, I ...
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Dungeons and Dragons Player Book and Dice

Confessions of a D&D Dice Hoarder

You know what sucks about this whole social distancing thing? (I mean, except for people dying, the economy collapsing, people losing their jobs, etc...) My D&D groups have to cancel all gaming sessions. I don't even have any online groups going at the moment, and even if I did, the ...
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Sokrates Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the Powerful Desire to Punch Sokrates in the Face

I feel it's been too long since I did a totally random and nearly nonsensical post about whatever video game I'm playing. Of course, that's probably because I have been too busy to play any new games and there's only so much you can say about your 10,000th (let's be ...
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Lashing Witcher School

Witcher School – Where I Became a Cat School Ambassador and Made Adepts Howl at the Moon

Spoilers for episode 1 of Witcher School.  Okay, where to begin? I got home from my second Witcher School LARP Sunday evening. At the time of writing this, it's Tuesday and I finally feel like I can lift my arms for long enough to write this post. If you want ...
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Witcher School makeup

Getting Ready to Enroll in Witcher School Again

You might remember reading about how I went to a castle in Poland to get my ass kicked back in April. Well, I will be going back next week, so lots of preparations are underway. To the fortunate ones who haven't been forced to listen to me gush endlessly about ...
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Witcher 3 Oxenfurt Drunk screenshot

The Witcher 3 – A Few of My Favorite Quests

I'm replaying The Witcher 3 and I thought I would talk a bit about what makes this game so very special. I could choose to talk about the great storyline, the amazing characters or even some of the big decisions you have to make throughout the game. But plenty of ...
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Steam Summer Sale

I Blame Steam…

"This month, I'll cut down on gaming and start doing some of all the stuff I have been neglecting! I'll work on my books, get some gardening done, finish all those cosplay projects I started on more than a year ago, get serious about exercising..." ~~Checks out a few blogs ...
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Rapier sword

Web Designer For Hire – Will Work For Swords

Despite the headline, I am not actually looking for more work. But something happened yesterday that meant I had to tell you all about my current freelance project: I got sword in the mail! Don't worry, I asked for a blunt one. We all know I can't be trusted with ...
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