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Book Covers Michelle Louring

Smashwords’ Summer/Winter Sale 2020

It's time for another Smashwords' Summer/Winter sale! For the entire month of July, the ebook store Smashwords will have thousands of discounted and free ebooks. I hope all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the weather and getting a lot of reading done, and not - like me ...
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Broken Melody Michelle Louring Cover

Cover Reveal – Broken Melody

As promised, here you have the cover for my upcoming book Broken Melody. As it's the fifth in the Angel's Voice series, it obviously matches the covers of the other books. We're just going orange this time. It was pointed out to me at a convention that I had the ...
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Broken Melody Draft

The Satisfaction From Finishing a First Draft

Yes, you read that right. I finished the first draft of my next book, Broken Melody. We can all agree that the world is horrible right now, right? It's been nearly impossible for me to come up with something positive to write about, but I'll allow myself to be proud ...
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Book Cover Song of Angels

New Cover – Song of Angels

I'm struggling with insomnia lately and my brain is using the extra time coming up with design ideas I didn't ask for. I hadn't planned on making a new cover for the ebook collection of the three first books in the Angel's Voice Series, Song of Angels, but my insomnia-fueled ...
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Smashwords Read an Ebook Week

Smashwords’ Read an Ebook Week 2020

Today marks the start of 'Read an Ebook Week' on Smashwords where you can get thousands of discounted and free ebooks. I can't believe it's already this time again... When I previewed this, the related posts showed me the update I did about this sale in 2014 and now I ...
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Book cover question mark

My Next Book Will Be Called “Broken Melody”

I finally solved my title problem! After months of asking on Twitter as well as on this blog, I eventually confided in a friend about my growing frustration. 15 minutes of brainstorming later and I had not only the title for this book, but for the rest of the planned ...
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Angel's Voice Michelle Louring Covers

Smashwords’ End of Year Sale 2019

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope all of you already got a lot of new books from under the tree, but if not then Smashwords is having a sale where you can get thousands of discounted - or even free - ebooks to stock up for your 2020 reading. You should ...
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Bøger KoyoCon ugle

Going to KoyoCon 2019

If you're going to the Danish pop culture convention KoyoCon this year, you can say hello to me. Because I'll be there. Like I have been every year... Since the convention was founded... Okay, so this announcement isn't really a surprise, is it...? But it's still good news! This year, ...
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Cover Graphic Ghostly Scream

Ghostly Scream is Out Today!

Gooooood morning! I bet you all thought I had forgotten, but Ghostly Scream is out today! Exclamation points all around! You'll have to excuse my rambling. I haven't slept since June. Anyway! You can get it at Amazon and just a ton of other places. You can also just not ...
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Paperbacks Michelle Louring

Paperbacks, Oh Paperbacks

Yesterday, I received the first paperback copies of the new editions of my books. I picked up the package at the post office. I got home. I put the package on the table. Then I proceeded to circle said package for half an hour, acting like it might go off ...
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