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Cover Reveal – Broken Melody

Broken Melody Michelle Louring Cover

As promised, here you have the cover for my upcoming book Broken Melody.

As it’s the fifth in the Angel’s Voice series, it obviously matches the covers of the other books. We’re just going orange this time.

Broken Melody Michelle Louring Cover

It was pointed out to me at a convention that I had the colors of all the Hogwarts houses, except for Hufflepuff, and several Hufflepuffers (Hufflers? Puffers…? I’m not sure what they call themselves) found this completely unacceptable. However, I did not actually have a yellow version of the artwork, so I’m hoping orange will do.

(I checked my own set of Harry Potter books – there’s no yellow book either, but there ARE blue, green, red and orange…)

I’m quite sure I have my arguments in order if I get cornered at the next convention. I can hear you laughing, but geeks – even the nice ones – are surprisingly fierce when they feel wronged. One memorable game of World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit once led to me getting beaten up by prop weapons made from thermoplastic and I have been tackled by cosplayers more times than I’d like to think about.

I bet you thought this post was about a book cover, huh? But nope, it’s really about why I wear footwear suitable for running when I sell books at conventions…

5 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Broken Melody

  1. Ravenclaw here, but I think this does look very appropriate for a Hufflepuff version of the cover. I think it’s prettier than a lot of the “Hufflepuff yellow” things are, personally.

    1. I also have a feeling that the contrast would be horrible if it had been yellow. It would look all washed-out with the light text.

      (Also Ravenclaw, btw!)

  2. Hufflepuffs are not people… (to be taken seriously)

    1. Now now, that’s not true!
      I just finished rereading Deathly Hallows, and Professor Sprout is second in badassery only to McGonagall when fighting the Death Eaters at the end.

      1. Lol. Pomona Sprout is the exception to the rule.

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