Every once in a while, I go to conventions where I sell books, dress up in weird costumes, get licked by strangers… or more often than not, all of the aforementioned.

Okay, I exaggerate about the ‘licked by strangers’-thing.

(It’s only happened, like, three times.)

Crowley Cosplay Good Omens

DokoCon and the Big Plant Heist

So, I went to DokoCon this weekend. It's a tiny Danish cosplay convention held for the first time this year, so the scheduled program was limited. This is understandable, of course, but it did mean that after I brought my team to victory in the Harry Potter quiz (my reading ...
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Author booth KoyoCon

KoyoCon 2019 – The One Where I Went Ginger and Sold a Lot of Books

Since I'm finally semi-recovered after getting home from KoyoCon yesterday, I suppose it's time for a Post-Convention Post! Honestly, this one will not be as interesting as many of  my other con tales. No one tackled me, no one made me pose on top of a booth table, no one ...
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Bøger KoyoCon ugle

Going to KoyoCon 2019

If you're going to the Danish pop culture convention KoyoCon this year, you can say hello to me. Because I'll be there. Like I have been every year... Since the convention was founded... Okay, so this announcement isn't really a surprise, is it...? But it's still good news! This year, ...
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Virtual Reality VR Cosplay

Odense Geek Gathering

I went to a small convention this Saturday - for once neither volunteering nor selling books. These days it's always weird for me to go to one of these events and not be busy as hell, but it's also sort of nice having time to do things like eat lunch ...
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KoyoCon 2018

It's been forever since I did a Con Post (despite many cons passing), so I thought I better tell you all about this weekend's KoyoCon. KoyoCon 2018 was held 9.-11. November and should really have been entitled "Michelle Abuse Weekend" ...
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Going to KoyoCon 2017

There's a chill in air and that means it's almost that time of year again: Time for KoyoCon! As is my custom at this particular convention, I'll not only have a table in the Artist Alley where I sell paperback copies of my books, I'll also be hosting various activities ...
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KoyoCon 2015 – Owls at the Darkmoon Faire

Following my personal tradition, here's the Post-Con Post! (Also, remember to check out my Post Con Giveaway) - As I wrote some time ago, I had a busy weekend planned out at KoyoCon 2015. I was going to help host the Warcrafter Corner, be in Artist Alley, air out Artemis ...
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KoyoCon 2015 – The Owls are Coming

It's convention time again! This time it's KoyoCon that opens its doors for the third time 6.-8. November. This year, some part of me apparently thought focusing on a single task was a silly idea. Usually, I either go to a convention as an author or as part of the convention ...
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Hail Hydra! – HydraCon 2015

I'm home from yet another convention and even though I for once didn't attend as an author, you're going to get a post about it anyway! Mostly because I got some pretty pictures taken. I have mentioned HydraCon briefly before. It's a new Danish gaming and comic convention that opened ...
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Pictures from SVScon 2015

Some pictures from this year's SVScon in Denmark! And no, there's not a single picture of me from the weekend where I look normal... A nice shot of my Morrigan cosplay. Picture by Ulrich C Von Blücher Standing with a pair of white knee socks in the hand, while petting a fake ...
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