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DokoCon and the Big Plant Heist

Crowley Cosplay Good Omens

So, I went to DokoCon this weekend. It’s a tiny Danish cosplay convention held for the first time this year, so the scheduled program was limited. This is understandable, of course, but it did mean that after I brought my team to victory in the Harry Potter quiz (my reading list had been well-timed) I had to find some way to entertain myself. I had opted not to get a booth to sell books this time around, so I found myself with a lot of time on my hands.

And I was cosplaying as Crowley from Good Omens. You should never let demons get bored.

I have always said that if you just appear like you have every right to be doing whatever you’re doing no one stops you, but I’m still slightly surprised no one questioned me when I made off with one of the potted plants from the canteen.

Crowley Cosplay Good Omens

I walked around the entire convention area while carrying this thing, and only one person was like, “Why do you have a plant?”.

The plant, of course, was too scared to call for help. It knew the consequences of such actions.

Last time I wore this cosplay, I kidnapped an Aziraphale (she didn’t dare ask questions either), so I fear I’m making a habit out of abducting hapless creatures. But as I probably couldn’t get away with stealing a Bentley, I have to make do in some way.

5 thoughts on “DokoCon and the Big Plant Heist

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  2. It is truly amazing how much ridiculous stuff you’ll get away with if you just act like you know what you’re doing. I would imagine cruising around with a plastic plant would draw you a few stares, though.

    Although, maybe not at a cosplay con. Maybe many just thought it was an accessory to your costume?

    1. Well, it WAS an accessory to the costume (Crowley has plants like those in Good Omens)… it just wasn’t a planned one.

      But yeah, just act confident. I got quite a few con stories where I have gotten away with stuff just by walking with purpose, but most of them are just about getting access to areas I needed to be at, without having to find the organizer responsible for giving me my access pass.

  3. Too funny! I love that no one stopped you from taking the plant. Too bad you couldn’t get away with “borrowing” a Bentley…

    1. To be fair, I didn’t TRY borrowing a Bentley (I have yet to locate one), so you never know!

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