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I Need a Book Title. Hit Me!

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Seeing as Ghostly Scream will soon be published, I have run into a recurring problem in what I need something to write underneath the sentence “Next Book in the Angel’s Voice Series” on the last page.

Yep. I need a title for book 5.

Like I have taken to doing with character names, I’m just gonna crowd source ideas before I drive myself insane.

Good thing about this series is that you don’t need to know anything about the content of the books to help out! The theme is pretty simple, seeing as none of the titles have much to do with the plot in the individual books. They just have to relate to the sound of a voice.

(If it includes some kind of redundancy or other things that make it sound slightly silly, that’s just a plus.)

Book 1 – Resounding Echo
Book 2 – Silent Sound
Book 3 – Quiet Whisper
Book 4 – Ghostly Scream (never really liked this one…)
Book 5 – ??? (Help me!)


So! Help me brainstorm, will ya?
Any ideas are welcome. Even if it’s just separate words, we might be able to Frankenstein a title out of it in the end.

(Also, if your help has a price, name it. Whether you want to be a character in the book or want the soul of my firstborn, I’m open for negotiations…)

7 thoughts on “I Need a Book Title. Hit Me!

  1. Ominous Howl

  2. ‘Rending Wail’ hits me in a good place.

  3. Some random ideas: The Loudest Whisper, Silent Noise, Endless Silence.

    That’s all I got.

  4. Dark rasp.

    shrug I’m not very good this I don’t think. But I wanted to offer at least something

  5. ‘Eerie howl’, ‘Shriek of shock’ (‘Shocking shriek’?), ‘Soft whistle’… That’s what came to my mind now 🙂

    1. Uh, I like the idea of something with ‘Howl’ or ‘Shriek’ 😛

      1. ‘Howl of horror’ then? 😉 Or ‘Howling silence’? Another ideas: ‘Wishful whistle’, ‘Shrieking shade’ or ‘Shady shriek’ :DD This is fun! 😀

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