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KoyoCon 2015 – The Owls are Coming

Koyocon 2015

It’s convention time again!

This time it’s KoyoCon that opens its doors for the third time 6.-8. November.

This year, some part of me apparently thought focusing on a single task was a silly idea. Usually, I either go to a convention as an author or as part of the convention crew.

This year I will be working at KoyoCon as part of the Warcrafter Corner. I will also be in Artist Alley selling books. Oh, and I’m going to be a judge at the Cosplay Catwalk contest.

That’s only being two or three places at once at any given time. No problem, right?

In Artist Alley I will be selling my new book, Quiet Whisper, for the first time and I’m so excited about that! It’s the third book in the Angel’s Voice series and at every convention I attend I have had someone come up to me and ask when it was coming out. It has always filled me with equal parts warmth and guilt, but now it’s finally here!

In other fun news, since I live close to the convention location and KoyoCon’s mascot is an owl, I will be bringing Artemis the Burrowing Owl for some of Saturday. People like owls and Artemis likes to be admired and look at weird people. Everybody wins!

You will also be able to find me at the Warcrafter Corner. This time we’re sharing a hall with Firebase Hydra (who I mentioned in my SVScon 2015 post) and since they’re displaying mostly Warhammer-related crafts and the Warcrafters showcase, well, Warcraft costumes and props, I might have tried to bully the KoyoCon organizers into naming the hall the War Room.

I’m pleased to say I succeeded!

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, the Warcrafters are a team consisting of myself and a group of fellow cosplayers specializing in World of Warcraft crafting and we hosted our convention corner for the first time at HydraCon 2015 this summer. We must have done something right, ’cause we were soon invited to do it again at KoyoCon and this time it will be bigger, better and with 100% more owls.

Lastly, I’m going to be judging the Cosplay Catwalk on Sunday. It’s my first time judging a cosplay contest instead of participating in one and somehow I’m almost as nervous as when I’m going on stage myself.

That’s all for now. Hope to see you at the convention!

Watch out for owls.

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