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Smashwords’ End of Year Sale 2019

Angel's Voice Michelle Louring Covers

Angel's Voice Michelle Louring Covers

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope all of you already got a lot of new books from under the tree, but if not then Smashwords is having a sale where you can get thousands of discounted – or even free – ebooks to stock up for your 2020 reading. You should check it out while you’re hiding in the bathroom to get a break from your family.

And yes, of course my books are also part of the sale.

I fully support anyone hiding from their family, after all.

Smashwords End of Year Sale

25. December 2019 – 1. January 2020

Resounding Echo Michelle Louring cover
Resounding Echo – FREE
Silent Sound Michelle Louring cover
Silent Sound – 75% OFF
Quiet Whisper Michelle Louring cover
Quiet Whisper – 75% OFF
Ghostly Scream Michelle Louring cover
Ghostly Scream – 75% OFF
Redesign Fantasy Cover
Huntress – FREE
Book Cover Demon
Demon’s Dance – FREE
Song of Angels Book Cover
Song of Angels – 75% OFF

3 thoughts on “Smashwords’ End of Year Sale 2019

  1. I hope you didn’t have to spend too much time hiding from family this year! I did reasonably well, myself. Only had to go hide once. 😉

    1. I spent Christmas with friends, so I was sort of pre-hid xD

      1. That’s awesome, too!

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