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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale 2019

Fantasy Covers

Fantasy Covers

It’s time for Smashwords’ annual Summer/Winter sale!

These sales keep creeping up on me. I am in no way ready for it to be July. I was supposed to have achieved so much by July. Before you know it, it will be December, and then it’ll be 2020, and then we’ll all be old and gray, and I’ll still be behind on everything.


Sale. Right.

The Summer/Winter sale will run for all of July and will include soooo many free or discounted ebooks. So many. Probably thousands.

(You realize you have been doing this for too long when it feels like you can’t even come up with a way to make free shit sound interesting…)

And yeah, my books will be part of the sale. But as I assume most people following my blog will have already gotten said books if they wanted them (since I’m too damn slow to have published anything new since last sale), I’m going to encourage you all to check out some of the other great indie publishers offering discounted books.

Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

1. July 2019 – 31. July 2019

Resounding Echo – FREE
Silent Sound Cover Angel
Silent Sound – 75% off
Quiet Whisper Book Cover
Quiet Whisper – 75% off
Redesign Fantasy Cover
Huntress – FREE
Book Cover Demon
Demon’s Dance – FREE
Song of Angels Book Cover
Song of Angels – 75% off
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Read an Ebook Week on Smashwords

Ebook Week Smashwords Banner

March has just arrived and Smashwords is kicking in the month with their yearly promotion ‘Read an Ebook Week’! This week is designed to spread the love of digital books and give people plenty of opportunity to download thousands of free and heavily discounted books. I participated last year and won’t miss it this year, either!

The promotion runs from 2.-8. March.

For the next week, you can find a wide range of discounted ebooks on Smashwords, each with a coupon code attached to their book page. Check out the entire promotion catalogue here.

Of course, you won’t have to look long if you’re looking for your next fantasy read! Check out my own selection for ‘Read an Ebook Week 2014’:

Discounted titles

Redesign Fantasy CoverHuntress

100% off! Get it for FREE!

Click here to download it from Smashwords

Resounding Echo CoverResounding Echo

100% off! Get it for FREE!

Click here to download it from Smashwords

Silent SoundSilent Sound Cover Angel

75% off! Heavy discount!

Click here to download it from Smashwords

Demon’s DanceBook Cover Demon

100% off! Get it for FREE!

Click here to download it from Smashwords