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Renaissance Fair Season Kicks Off

Viborg Majmarked 2019 Ridder

Viborg Majmarked 2019 Ridderturnering

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, I’m a huge geek with a wide geek range. So obviously a summer for me includes at least a couple of renaissance fairs. Today I went to my first fair of 2019, Viborg May Market. It’s a fairly small one, and unlike at Horsens Medieval Festival last year, I didn’t wager any children in a bet with the devil (still not sure why their parents just left them with us, anyway…) or give some drunkard permission to paint me green.

So all in all rather uneventful. But I got to pet a couple of huuuuge doggies (they looked like skinnier, fluffier ponies), try out every single kind of mead from every single mead stall and watch two armored people on horses smash into each other. So it was still a good day.

Irish Wolfhound Renaissance Fair

I think they were Irish Wolfhounds. Apparently they have been used as hunting dogs for hunting wolves.

Seeing as I didn’t have to bend down at all to pet them, I can see how the wolves might have been in trouble.

But enough about the dogs…

Wait, who am I kidding? You can never have enough about gigantic dogs! However, I am going to get on with the post. I got to pet both of these incredibly good boys, so I’m happy, and you can all just wallow in the misery of not having gotten to pet these incredibly good boys.

So, the tournament!

It’s not as good as giant doggies, but knights riding around and stabbing stuff (in this case, ‘stuff’ being one of the squires) is still pretty damn good. Especially when it ends in a joust, so you get to see them try to knock each other off the horse and have splinters exploding everywhere.

Renaissance Fair Joust

And then, of course, there’s all the mead. That’s good, too. Especially because I wasn’t the designated driver this time.

But I’ll be honest… This post was mostly to brag about petting the giant dogs.