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Kongemord – A LARP Where I Had to Act Like a Lady (Never Again!)

It’s been a while since I have done one of my ultra-long LARP posts, but I am afraid this won’t be it. I just realized that I hadn’t shared any pictures from Kongemord, a one-day Danish historical medieval LARP I went to this summer. And considering how much I suffered for this costume, it really won’t do not to show the proof.

It was 28 degrees (that’s a LOT for Denmark), and not only did I have to wear a heavy dress, but the friend who had convinced me to join her for this game also made it absolutely clear that wearing a smock underneath was not optional. I am now convinced that the only reason women in medieval times didn’t throw themselves off castle walls more often was that they couldn’t bloody move.

Never again. Don’t get me wrong, the game was really well-made, but having to navigate those benches in the dining hall all day while wearing multiple layers of skirts is a special kind of torture.

Kongemord LARP Cecilia Nielsdatter

Ahem. About the game: as mentioned, it was a historical medieval LARP set in Denmark in the late 1200 and loosely based on the murder of King Erik Klipping in Finderup Barn. The name “Kongemord” literally translates to “King murder”, which makes it slightly funny that this was one of the few LARPs I attended that wasn’t heavily focused on murdering each other.

(We did have the king murdered, but that happened between acts, and it was all very political.)

Kongemord LARP Niels Sunesen

The game was all about intrigue and political alliances between the country’s powerful families. I played Cecilia Nielsdatter of the Rodsteen family, the oldest daughter of Niels Sunesen and sister to Magnus and Elena. Their father was a right bastard who made enemies left and right, squandering what fortune the family had left, and his only son was a gentle soul who was more interested in becoming a monk and serving god—much to the disapproval of his father—than becoming the new head of the family. This left Cecilia and Elena to be the responsible ones who took care of practical matters, and try to mitigate the damage done by their father, all while trying to protect their dear brother.

Kongemord LARP Rodsten Siblings

So, I did say that this was a game about politics and not murder, but… Cecilia’s main objective was to get married to a man with enough influence to help her get rid of her father in order to protect both her siblings and their family name. And she totally considered murder to be an option.

I haven’t started playing meek characters, even if they appear to be more well-behaved than usual.

Kongemord LARP Walk

I will say this: while the first half of this game was very uneventful for me, the second half got pretty damn crazy. I managed to get engaged to three different men in the span of an hour (none of them being the one I had picked for myself and attempted to make a match with), my dear brother—who had no interest in finding a wife—got married and disowned by our father, and our sister orchestrated a plan that ended up with our father both accused of the murder of our mother and banished for treason, then eventually killed as he tried to murder Elena in front of everyone. 

Good times.


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Something Ends, Something Begins – Another Witcher LARP

Something Ends Something Begins LARP

Back in February, I went to a LARP.

More exactly, I went to a Witcher LARP… that wasn’t Witcher School!

Yes, the European LARPers are all about following in the footsteps of Geralt of Rivia, with “Something Ends, Something Begins” held in the mountains outside of Barcelona. Unlike Witcher School, however, at Something Ends the players got to play as a long range of different characters, not just witchers.

The concept of the game was that Nilfgaard had won the war and conquered all of the Northern Kingdoms, and Empress Ciri has called delegations from all her new vassal states to a diplomatic gathering at the old fortress of Hagge.

By the request of the organizers, I’ll not be posting any spoilers, since all characters are premade and they don’t want much to be known about them to keep players in the dark for future runs. It’s understandable, but I do admit I’m sad about not being able to do one of my in-depth write-ups of the game, because it really was exactly the kind of immersive character-driven Fantasy LARP that I’m crazy for.

Something Ends Something Begins LARP

What I can tell you is that I played Arnett von Weber, the youngest child of a Redanian noble family, who went to Hagge with her older sibling, Armine, and the rest of the Redanian delegation. The spoiler-free description of Arnett is that they’re the troublesome child that cares very little about politics or other highborn pursuits, being much more interested in fairy tales about witchers and dragons.

Let’s just say that I was not prepared for the rollercoaster of a game Arnett was going to have. Not only were the characters wonderfully written and tied together in ways that made you constantly discover new connections to others during the game, but my co-players were all really awesome as well. I hadn’t expected anyone to be able to break my heart with only 3 days to get to know their character, but I got an emotional gut punch by the end of the game. And – believe it or not, non-LARPers – that’s one of the greatest things that can happen at an immersive LARP!

Something Ends, Something Begins was organized by Efimeral and they have recently announced that they’re doing another international run in February 2024. I can warmly recommend it, and I might just sign up for a go as a different character myself if time allows.

Photos by A. Solana Larpgraphy

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Cosplay Photoshoot – Morrigan (Dragon Age)

Morrigan Cosplay Dragon Age

I believe these photos are from all the way back in July, but I have been crazily busy ever since. Besides, it’s cold and dark outside right now, and I haven’t seen the sun in days, so sharing some cosplay photos from a beautiful summer day might be just what is needed to lighten this blog up a bit.

Otherwise it will just be all owl photos and me grumbling about stuff like an old man.

The cosplay I used for this photoshoot was Morrigan from Dragon Age. It’s an old cosplay, but still one of my favorites and I never got around to have any good pictures taken of it at a suitable location, so my friend Line and I took a trip to Hald Ruin, an old castle ruin about an hour’s drive from where I live. The ruin itself turned out to be a bit disappointing, but the area around it was gorgeous, and it was all too easy to find spots that looked like the swamp where you first encounter Morrigan in Dragon Age Origins. It was also the first cosplay photoshoot I did after getting LASIK surgery, meaning I could actually see something while shooting – I don’t use contacts, and I needed to remove my glasses for the photos, so in the past I have always stumbled around nearsightedly – so I could move around more freely. Possibly a little too freely, if you ask Line, because the branches I was crawling around on were hanging out over a lake and might have moved a bit more under my weight than they reasonably should have.

Apparently, working eyesight means little if you step on something that snaps under you, and I was told in no uncertain terms that while she was willing to act as my photographer, Line would not save me if I fell headfirst into the lake.

Morrigan Cosplay Hald Ruin

I look all relaxed in this one, but what you can’t see in the photo is that there’s a rather sudden drop just behind me, so really I’m just hoping I’ll be able to get back down from the damn tree without slipping.

Morrigan Cosplay Dragon Age

It was such a lovely day that I had trouble stopping myself from smiling, which is why I totally fail at capturing Morrigan’s wonderful bitch vibe in most of these photos.

Morrigan Cosplay Forest

“Just ignore the Dutch tourists staring at you. Juuust ignore them.”

Morrigan Cosplay Branch

Morrigan is one of the few cosplays I can sit down in. That helps a lot.

Morrigan Cosplay Ruin

“I think I hear Darkspawn… oh, wait, it’s just the tourists again.”

Morrigan Cosplay Lake

Photographer: Line Torntoft

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Renaissance Fair Season Kicks Off

Viborg Majmarked 2019 Ridder

Viborg Majmarked 2019 Ridderturnering

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, I’m a huge geek with a wide geek range. So obviously a summer for me includes at least a couple of renaissance fairs. Today I went to my first fair of 2019, Viborg May Market. It’s a fairly small one, and unlike at Horsens Medieval Festival last year, I didn’t wager any children in a bet with the devil (still not sure why their parents just left them with us, anyway…) or give some drunkard permission to paint me green.

So all in all rather uneventful. But I got to pet a couple of huuuuge doggies (they looked like skinnier, fluffier ponies), try out every single kind of mead from every single mead stall and watch two armored people on horses smash into each other. So it was still a good day.

Irish Wolfhound Renaissance Fair

I think they were Irish Wolfhounds. Apparently they have been used as hunting dogs for hunting wolves.

Seeing as I didn’t have to bend down at all to pet them, I can see how the wolves might have been in trouble.

But enough about the dogs…

Wait, who am I kidding? You can never have enough about gigantic dogs! However, I am going to get on with the post. I got to pet both of these incredibly good boys, so I’m happy, and you can all just wallow in the misery of not having gotten to pet these incredibly good boys.

So, the tournament!

It’s not as good as giant doggies, but knights riding around and stabbing stuff (in this case, ‘stuff’ being one of the squires) is still pretty damn good. Especially when it ends in a joust, so you get to see them try to knock each other off the horse and have splinters exploding everywhere.

Renaissance Fair Joust

And then, of course, there’s all the mead. That’s good, too. Especially because I wasn’t the designated driver this time.

But I’ll be honest… This post was mostly to brag about petting the giant dogs.


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Cosplay Post – Morrigan (Dragon Age)

Finally finished writing another of these posts, this time for my Morrigan cosplay!

Looking forward to when I start doing this for NEW costumes, so I won’t have to spent hours searching forgotten folders on my backup hard drive to (hopefully) locate progress pictures…


Morrigan (Dragon Age)

The Facts

Character: Morrigan

Franchise: Dragon Age

Finished: May 2015



As is often the case with my cosplays, I used a couple different references and picked the parts I liked from each. With Morrigan, this was mostly because she wears NOTHING under her very, very open cowl in Dragon Age: Origins, but she was a bit more fortunate in her concept artwork.

I can deal with revealing costumes, but I draw the line at flashing an entire convention because fabric slips in reality, as opposed to video games 😂

Morrigan Dragon Age Morrigan Dragon AgeMorrigan Concept Art Dragon Age


Story behind the costume

Not much to say here. I got Dragon Age: Origins for free one day, played it for about 15 minutes, got obsessed, met someone even more obsessed who was already making a Dragon Age cosplay, and suddenly I had decided to cosplay the bitchy witch wearing way too little clothing.

Morrigan is the mistress of Sass, and there was no way I could get away with NOT cosplaying her.


How It’s Made

With Morrigan I didn’t experiment with as many different materials as my other costumes… which might also be why it’s one of the only cosplays I have that I can move almost freely in.

The cowl is made entirely from normal fabric. Nothing fancy going on there.

For the skirt, I used a plain pencil skirt as a base and sewed faux leather around it. The patch at the top is made from EVA foam, covered in the same pleather and with rabbit fur attached around the egde. It’s attached to the skirt with push buttons, meaning it’s detachable, because it covers the zipper for the skirt.

All the “belts” hanging from the skirt were made separately and from scratch, all in the same pleather as the skirt and with metal rings hammered in (I love getting to use a hammer when I sew stuff).

Morrigan skirt CosplayMorrigan skirt cosplay

The bra… Now THAT is something I’m weirdly proud of. I didn’t even sew the thing from scratch, instead Frankensteining it from 3 different bras that I slaughtered. I bought two simple bikini tops from eBay, one white and one black, and took the straps from the black and the cups from the white. The fabric used for the white one was waaaay too white, but it turns out that soaking a bra in black tea for a few hours is a great way to dye it.

With the straps and the cups put together I technically had a fully-functional bra. But seeing as I’m a little paranoid, I thought an extra bit of security was in order. Which is how I came to slaughter bra nr. 3. This time, it was a self-adhesive silicone bra that I sewed into the cups of my bikini top, so that I could easily glue the whole thing to my chest and not worry about anything slipping.

Bra Cosplay Adhersive

(Turned out to be a very good idea, since a friend accidentally untied the bikini top in the middle of a convention hall one time…)

The staff was a lot of fun. It was also an experiment that I had expected to fail spectacularly, but which somehow turned out great.

The base is a completely normal wooden broom handle. At the top I nailed some foam strips on some wire onto it and covered it in PU foam. From that, I carved a couple of “branches”.

I covered the whole thing in acrylic sealant, making the surface bumpy like a rough tree branch. Still can’t believe that I randomly grabbed some stuff you use to put in windows and somehow it all worked out…

Then, of course, I painted and varnished it. I tied a piece of leather with some feathers around it to give it the finishing touch.

Morrigan staff cosplayStaff cosplay acrylic sealantPU foam staff cosplay

Morrigan necklace cosplayOn to the necklace. This was made by making a base of black pleather and attaching the separate pieces onto it. It’s closed in the back with push buttons and the gold pieces are made from spray-painted EVA foam (the pendants also have Worbla covering the foam). The pearls are also attached directly to the necklace, instead of being a separate piece.

The sleeve is made from stretchy pleather and kept on with elastic at the top. The patch is made from pleather-covered EVA foam with sewn on feathers, attached to the sleeve with push buttons.


Funny stories

I had a lot of fun with this costume, both making it and wearing it.

I worked on the cosplay together with a friend (she was cosplaying Anders, also from Dragon Age) and we usually did it at her apartment. That led to a number of funny situations, for example one day when we talked about the latest game in the Dragon Age series, Inquisition, which I hadn’t played yet, so I was a bit confused when my friend’s boyfriend stuck his head into the room, yelled “Fuck Solas!” and left.

After playing the game, I get the sentiment, but it felt rather random at the time.

Another classic moment was when we had decided on how to dye my bikini top. My friend’s boyfriend came home some time after and went to his own workshop and my friend called out to him “Just so you know, there’s a bra soaking in tea in the kitchen.” There was silence for a while, before we heard “Wait… what?!”

Good times.

I have also had a lot of good times wearing the cosplay. Not only have I won two contests with it, I also got a group of amazing friends that I would never have met if we hadn’t all been cosplaying from the same game franchise at the same convention.

Dragon Age Cosplay group
Photographer: Ulrich von Blücher

That’s the magic of cosplay. You suddenly find yourself in a group of complete strangers, just because of your shared love for a game, and spend hours hanging out and taking pictures. That’s usually the end of it, but not for this group. Half of these people are the ones that now make up my Dragon Age tabletop group and I can’t even describe how much fun we have.

Side note: You can also have a great lot of fun when you suddenly have three people cosplaying the same character.

Morrigan cosplays
Photographer: Ulrich von Blücher
Morrigan cosplay
Photographer: Ulrich von Blücher