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Pictures from SVScon 2015

Some pictures from this year’s SVScon in Denmark!

And no, there’s not a single picture of me from the weekend where I look normal…

Morrigan cosplay SVScon

A nice shot of my Morrigan cosplay.

Picture by Ulrich C Von Blücher

SVScon 2015

Standing with a pair of white knee socks in the hand, while petting a fake cheetah. Nothing to see here.

Picture by Roses and Boltshells

Firebase Hydra SVScon

Firebase Hydra, my home for most of the convention.

Picture by Roses and Boltshells

Dragon Age Cosplay Group

A bunch of lovely Dragon Age ladies!

Picture by Ulrich C Von Blücher

More pictures in the gallery below:

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SVScon 2015 – Saying Goodbye with Space Marines and Apostates!

I’m slowly returning to the world of the living after this weekend’s convention. Running around, sleeping too little and forgetting to eat takes a toll on body and mind. Totally worth it, though.

This SVScon I could be found in Artist Alley or hanging out at Firebase Hydra, the costume exhibition and workshop corner led by the amazing Roses and Boltshells, who I’m so happy to have gotten to know over the last few months. They were joined by a long row of awesome cosplayers, among others Skymone Cosplay, Obsessive Creative Disorder and Duros’s Armory.

As usual, the weekend was pretty insane. Not just because it was busy, but because it was insane. 

I can now say I have chest-bumped a Warhammer 40K Space Marine. Or rather headbutted, considering that’s the part of MY body that came into contact with his armor. I have no idea how those guys get through doors…

I did manage to get in my partly-finished costume as well. Due to lack of time, I didn’t get to finish my wig, but my staff was great for hitting people, so I still consider it a success!

To the curious, I was dressing up as Morrigan from the awesome game Dragon Age: Origins. With me in the picture is Roses from Roses and Boltshells as Anders from Dragon Age 2.

Morrigan Anders Dragon Age Cosplay

Photo by Sofie Sierst.
Editing by Roses and Boltshells.

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SVScon 2015 – Ready for the last time? I’m not!

SVScon 2015

I realized today that there’s less than two weeks to SVScon(don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t PANIC!) and I haven’t even written a post about going.

As anyone who’s been following this page will know, I have been participating in SVScon for years, first simply as a geek interested in comics and video games, then as an author joining their Artist Alley. It’s been the highlight of my year for about 5 or 6 years, but sadly this will be the last one.

Not for me, personally, but for the convention itself. I’m getting all nostalgic about it every time I remember that I won’t be going to this convention next year. I have met so many people there over the years. Many are people I have a chat with every year when I see them at the convention, some have become close personal friends that I talk to every day and couldn’t imagine not knowing.

It was also the first convention I ever showed up at to sell my books. The first year was an absolutely terrifying experience, but I had barely unpacked my things before the first person came to buy a book and the small box of paperbacks I had brought with me was empty long before I had to pack up my things and leave, so there was a lot of happiness mixed in with the terror.

Let’s stop with the reminiscing before I get all teary-eyed.

Luckily, there’s going to be a new convention to take SVScon’s place. I’ll tell you all about Hydracon when we get a little closer to August where it will open the doors for the very first time.

Returning to my completely non-panic behavior in the beginning of the post, as usual I’m not feeling ready at all. Not only will my next book not be done before later this summer at the earliest, I have once again thrown myself into cosplay-project, because, apparently, being an owl-owner and a fantasy writer doesn’t make me weird enough.

This year I have gone from World of Warcraft to Dragon Age and I’m so not done yet. The costume will be very authentic, though, with all the blood it’s going to end up with from the various stab wounds I’m inflicting on myself.


If you’re going to SVScon this year, feel free to drop by my table for a chat! I’ll be in Artist Alley on Friday and Saturday.