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More Sketches!

Sketch Woman

Yay, more sketchy goodness!

As I promised in my first sketch post, I had loads of sketches lying around. Last time you got some sketches with a story behind them, but this time I’m just going to show you random favorites of mine. Sounds fun, no?

Fallen Angel Sketch

This one is just pure awesomeness on a paper… As usual, I love both the sketch and the finished version, but they each give off a different feel. I like the expression on the sketch better, but it’s still amazing in the colored one.

Anyway, this is another masterpiece by ZKROX. Actually, I think all the sketches in this post will be his work…

Sketch Woman

This is the sketch of my favorite piece of artwork to date. It’s also pretty clear from the sketch that the artist spent a lot of time on it as there are tons of extra lines on this one.

This is one of the few where the expression of the character carried well to the finished piece. Normally, it seems to lose its intensity when it’s colored, which is also why I love having the sketches as well!

Couple sketch

This is the first piece of artwork where I actually like the sketch better. ZKROX did a wonderful job, as usual, but the characters just didn’t come out right in the finished version. It was supposed to be a very tense situation, but that isn’t conveyed at all in the characters’ expressions…

And don’t even get me started on the fact that Ardeth look kind… The day he starts acting kind, I’m putting him down!

That will be all for now! I still have several sketches left and I’m sure more will come around in the future.

Kudos to ZKROX for doing these! Swing past his gallery on DeviantART, he has more awesome work there…