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The Bookish Owl – Mogworld by Yahtzee Croshaw

Mogworld Yahtzee Croshaw Owl

I’m burning through books much faster than usual, so I’m kind of running low on fantasy books that aren’t the size of bricks (and aren’t written by Terry Pratchett).

Luckily, I have books worthy of a second reading! I’m currently rereading Mogworld by Yahtzee Croshaw.

(I looked up the author to see if that was his real name, and I love how, apparently, he just went “Benjamin? Hell no, I want it to say Yahtzee on the front of my books!)

The first time around, I borrowed this book from a friend, and then immediately ordered by own copy once I was done. It’s a parody based on the concept of online RPG games, but it manages to have a quite decent plot in spite of being a parody story. It follows the student mage, Jim, who is killed during a raid on his school, and then brought back to life by the crazy evil overlord Dreadgrave (who turns out to be a surprisingly considerate employer!). Jim then sets out on his own noble quest – to figure out how to kill himself again.

Sounds truly heartwarming, right?

Mogworld Yahtzee Croshaw Owl