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The Bookish Owl – Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett

Carpe Jugulum Owl Book

I was asking myself, “How do I get more bookish content on my website without getting boring?”

Of course, considering my taste in pets, the answer should have been rather obvious, but you would be amazed how often I forget that people actually like owls… even more than they like photos of cats.

So I decided that I would try keeping the world updated on what I’m reading with some bookish owl photos!
(Artemis, of course, wasn’t about to make it easy for me, which is why the first photo is of a glaring owl lying on its back, refusing to stand up and pose for the camera…)

I have just started on Carpe Jugulum by the wonderful Terry Pratchett. It’s part of the Discworld series that I have been reading for a while now, but each book still manages to make me laugh.
This particular book is part of the Witches storyline, which is rather fitting, because Artemis looks a lot like I imagine Granny Weatherwax in this photo.

While not my favorites in the beginning, the witches have definitely grown on me. I think they’re even surpassing the Rincewind books in my eyes, but that might be because the Luggage isn’t getting that much screen time (…page time?) lately…

Any other Terry Pratchett fans out there?

Carpe Jugulum Owl Book

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