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Smashwords’ Read an Ebook Week 2020

Smashwords Read an Ebook Week

Smashwords Read an Ebook Week

Today marks the start of ‘Read an Ebook Week’ on Smashwords where you can get thousands of discounted and free ebooks.

I can’t believe it’s already this time again… When I previewed this, the related posts showed me the update I did about this sale in 2014 and now I feel old. It’s hard to talk about the wonders of digital books when all I want is to sit in my rocking chair and complain about young people these days.

Do me a favor and go download some books. Download all of the books. And then read all of the books. And then tell me if you come across anything good you think I should read.

What are you still hanging around for? Go on!

Smashwords Read an Ebook Week

1. March 2020 – 7. March 2020

Resounding Echo Michelle Louring cover
Resounding Echo – FREE
Silent Sound Michelle Louring cover
Silent Sound – 75% OFF
Quiet Whisper Michelle Louring cover
Quiet Whisper – 75% OFF
Ghostly Scream Michelle Louring cover
Ghostly Scream – 75% OFF
Redesign Fantasy Cover
Huntress – FREE
Book Cover Demon
Demon’s Dance – FREE
Song of Angels Book Cover
Song of Angels – 75% OFF

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