Artemis the Owl

Well, here he is! The reason why several people are stalking me on social media.

Artemis the Burrowing Owl, First of His Name, Bringer of Insomnia and Slightly Injured Fingers…
…referred to simply as “the Beast” when in a rush.

Burrowing Owl Books

My Year in Books (and Owls) 2020

Now that we have settled into 2021, I'm going to be looking back at the books - all 63 of them - I read in 2020. I think we can all agree that 2020 was a crappy year, with more and more crap shoved down on top of it nearly ...
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Wet Owl Bath

Of Bathtimes and Murderous Owls

Ever since the leg amputation, Artemis the owl has been doing remarkably well. He does, however, have trouble scratching away the loose feathers on his head. So what does a good owl momma do? She gives him a bath, then take pictures of how absolutely pathetic he looks. He looks ...
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One-Legged Owl

The Tale of Artemis, the One-Legged Owl

As I have mentioned in previous posts - and talked about at length on Twitter - my owl Artemis has been sick lately. After a couple of weeks filled with worry on my part, and fury from Artemis at having to take medication, this has now resulted in Artemis getting ...
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Burrowing Owl Books

My Year in Books (and Owls) 2019

Now that 2019 is almost over, I thought I would look back at the 53 books I read this year. This was the first time I tried keeping track of the books I read. I also vowed to read mainly short books - as opposed to the giant epic fantasy novels ...
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Owl Bite

Weird Ways I Injure Myself

I'm quite good at getting hurt. Don't worry, I don't do it on purpose! I do all the standard things - stubbing my toes against doors, falling down stairs, slamming drawers shut on my fingers - but mostly people get an answer they didn't expect when they ask, "What did ...
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Book Owl

Reading to My Owl

The title is not a metaphor. That is really what I've been doing lately. ...No, I'm not THAT lonely. There's a perfectly sensible explanation. You see, even though I'm fluent in English and can write entire books, my English pronounciation is horrible. I might read, write and watch TV almost ...
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Evil owl

Artemis, Evil Incarnate

I promised in my last owl post that I would tell you why Artemis is pure evil. I feel like you deserve an explanation as to why I start twitching when I hear the sentence, "Oh, he's SO cute!" Let's start with the dogs... As I got him when he was ...
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Angry owl blanket

Artemis the Owl FAQ

"I'm not stealing the firewood. Promise." I have made a lot of promises to provide more owl content, so I thought I would start out with one big blog post answering the most common questions I get asked if I bring him with me to the local market or pet shop ...
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Christmas Owl wrapping paper

Merry Christmas!

While I'm a bit of a Grinch, I'd still like to wish all of you out there a happy holiday! It's almost over for me - duck has been eaten, presents have been unwrapped, and a slightly intoxicated grandma has been taken home and put to bed - but before ...
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KoyoCon 2015 – Owls at the Darkmoon Faire

Following my personal tradition, here's the Post-Con Post! (Also, remember to check out my Post Con Giveaway) - As I wrote some time ago, I had a busy weekend planned out at KoyoCon 2015. I was going to help host the Warcrafter Corner, be in Artist Alley, air out Artemis ...
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