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This Post has Absolutely No Owls in it

Sword books weights

I was looking over my latest blog posts and realized, “Wow… I really post nothing but owl photos these days, huh?”

I know many people will tell me that there’s nothing wrong with owl photos, but come on… even the most ardent avian fan must be feeling bored with the lack of variation by now.

So I have decided to write a post that’s not about owls.

Of course I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to write about, but I’m a writer. I’ll figure something out.

Perhaps a writing update is in order? I have been working on the fifth book in the Angel’s Voice series, and – except from a break in January – it’s been going surprisingly well. I still haven’t been able to come up with a title, though, and I really should do something about that, because I have taken to calling it ‘CSI: Var’nori’ in my head and I don’t want that to stick in my mind as the actual title… I’m already having mental images of Selissa and Orrell wearing sunglasses and making bad puns and it has got to stop.

As you might have guessed, the next book sees Selissa investigating a crime in the mage city of Var’nori. For once she’s actually on the side of the law, and she hates it with a burning passion, because that means she has to work alongside both mages and nobles, and tolerate the politics that brings with it.

I promise I will kill off every bad pun that threatens to sneak into the dialogue.

I would post some snippets and excerpts from the book if it wasn’t for the lack of a title. As I said, I can not allow my working title to stick, so there will be no posts titled “CSI: Var’nori – Excerpt (Chapter 7)”. If you have any new ideas for a proper title, the comments below this post are open, and if you solve my problem I will be eternally grateful and wish you lots of kittens and rainbows.

Let’s see, let’s see… What else do I have going on? Well, I have obviously been reading a lot of books. So many, in fact, that if I keep up this pace my TBR pile will disappear completely before long. That’s a disaster that should never befall anyone, so if you have any recommendations for books I should read – you know where the comment section is. In case you’re new here, and haven’t had my reading habits shoved down your throat for the last year, I can say I prefer Fantasy and Horror, but I’m open to other fiction genres.

Pretty covers are a plus, because it makes the book owl photos that this post is absolutely not about prettier.

Except from that, I truly don’t have a lot going on at the moment. As reported last week, I stole a plant. I signed up for another round of Witcher School in March, so I have joined a gym and now I feel like I’m dying twice a week, just so I can go to Poland and be beat up with dignity. I’m half-heartedly working on some of all those cosplay projects I started years ago and never finished, so there’s half a raven made from Foam Clay lying on my dining table, being creepy. I got a sword I still haven’t figured out how to hang on the wall.

Basically, there’s nothing new under the sun at the Louring house.

Sword books weights

To summarize: throw me a comment if you have ideas for a title for my book, recommendations for books I should read, or just want to help me procrastinate by continuing this utterly random post below.

24 thoughts on “This Post has Absolutely No Owls in it

  1. […] but it’s very important to remember that I’m often quite sleep-deprived when I write blog posts and that I never should have shared my weird working title with you to begin with. It’s bad […]

  2. […] know my last post very specifically didn’t feature Artemis, but I do have a lot of book owl photos I need to do […]

  3. This is weird. I demand proof of life for Artemis

    1. Don’t you worry, we’ll soon be back to our regular schedule of Artemis, Artemis, Artemis.

      1. Good. Its like when musicians change their sound for their new album and its all weird and different and very unsettling.

        1. Whatever will I do once I no longer have Artemis?
          Sure, a friend has the theory that he will live forever because his veins are filled with fury instead of blood, but in case that proves wrong there will be a day when the beast is no longer here.

          1. I dunno… maybe upgrade to a real owl?

            Tee hee.

            1. The plan is to get a Great Grey Owl one day, but I’m currently renting the house I live in, so I’m not about to spent a lot of work turning the garden into an aviary.

              1. That is a worthy goal. Good luck

  4. You know, I had a suggestion for a book title, it’s just on the tip of my tongue, but now I completely lost it. It’s just, completely gone now. Maybe if I had some inspiration, like say, owl pictures, I could get that back, but where would I find that sort of thing?

    1. Owl pictures? What an oddly specific thing to seek…
      Well, they say the internet has everything, so I’m sure you can find some SOMEWHERE.

  5. I don’t have any book title ideas, but thought I’d just comment to tell you I like the title “CSI: Var’nori” just to be a bit devilish. You’re welcome

    Seriously though, I’m sure you’ll think of something. Or, get some inspiration from someone more creative than me. Good-luck

    1. Thankfully, after a brainstorming session with a friend, I think I might have some leads 😉 Otherwise, I might actually have been stuck with CSI: Var’nori…

  6. Wait. You have half a foam raven on your table being creepy? Yikes. If I had half a creepy bird in my house, I think I would have covered it up with something so it can be creepy on its own time. And you really don’t have to get rid of all the bad puns…

    Book recs… not sure if you like the fairy tale retelling side of fantasy, but if you do I’ve enjoyed the Princesses of Westfalin series by Jessica Day George (YA, not too creepy) and the Indexing series by Seanan McGuire (adult, slightly more creepy but still not horror).

    And I think it was you I was chatting with about Assassins Creed: Odyssey… Well, I started playing it the other day, and it’s great fun! You were right: I can try to be sneaky and when that inevitably fails I can just beat everyone up. Perfection.

    1. I now put the foam raven in a box… I needed the table space.

      I will check out those books!

      And I just returned to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey yesterday after a long break. I was convinced I would have forgotten how to do everything, but I picked it up pretty quickly again (though I had to google how to get off my horse…)!

      1. A box is definitely a better storage space for a creepy foam raven than the middle of the table. O.o

        I hope you enjoy the books!

        I’ve really been enjoying AC Odyssey. Though I’m finding myself reading through the tips on the load screens just to find out what the different symbols mean and how to do things like make the horse work. 😀

        1. Always read the tips!
          Sometimes you can have played for weeks and still discover something new you never thought about before.

          (Let’s not talk about how long I rode around on that horse before I finally googled how to get off…)

          1. Good to know it’s not just me!

            (I didn’t Google how to get off the horse, but I did resort to hitting every button to see what it did just in case it let me get off.)

            1. That’s what I did as well!
              I had just forgotten that you need to HOLD ‘E’ on a PC…

              1. Yeah, I keep mixing up the “press” vs. the “hold” commands. I’m playing on a PS4, so there are fewer button options and it seems like everything has a different function based on how long you hold it.

                1. Can’t even imagine how it must be to play with a PS controller! At least I have an entire keyboard.

                  1. It usually works okay, but every now and then there’s a control combination that is just like, what? I’m supposed to hit both of those at the same time?

  7. Yaaay! Another Witcher School = another detailed description of the event. Can’t wait! 🙂

    1. Me neither! 😀

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