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The Bookish Owl – Making Money by Terry Pratchett

Making Money Terry Pratchett Collector's Edition

Next on the reading list is Making Money by Terry Pratchett.

I’m rapidly nearing the end of Discworld, but at least I know I’ll have to slow down soon, as the last couple of books won’t be released in the Collector’s Edition until November. Guess that’ll give me an excuse to reread some of my favorites!

‘Making Money’ is the 36th (did Pratchett ever stop writing…?) Discworld book overall and the second with Moist von Lipwig as the protagonist. I really enjoyed ‘Going Postal‘ and, after reading the first 50 pages, this one seems to follow the same scenario: Vetinari making not-so-subtle threats, Moist getting a new job, and then everything going haywire.

Making Money
by Terry Pratchett

Amazingly, former arch-swindler-turned-Postmaster General Moist von Lipwig has somehow managed to get the woefully inefficient Ankh-Morpork Post Office running like . . . well, not like a government office at all. Now the supreme despot Lord Vetinari is asking Moist if he’d like to make some real money. Vetinari wants Moist to resuscitate the venerable Royal Mint—so that perhaps it will no longer cost considerably more than a penny to make a penny.

Moist doesn’t want the job. However, a request from Ankh-Morpork’s current ruling tyrant isn’t a “request” per se, more like a “once-in-a-lifetime-offer-you-can-certainly-refuse-if-you-feel-you’ve-lived-quite-long-enough.” So Moist will just have to learn to deal with elderly Royal Bank chairman Topsy (née Turvy) Lavish and her two loaded crossbows, a face-lapping Mint manager, and a chief clerk who’s probably a vampire. But he’ll soon be making lethal enemies as well as money, especially if he can’t figure out where all the gold has gone.

Making Money Terry Pratchett Collector's Edition

13 thoughts on “The Bookish Owl – Making Money by Terry Pratchett

  1. […] Making Money (Terry Pratchett) Ah, the return of Moist von Lipwig. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t the main reason I enjoyed this book. Don’t get me wrong, I like reading about Moist’s shenanigans, but the best thing about this book was how heavily it featured Lord Vetinari. I’m sorry, but Scheming Benevolent Tyrant beats Smooth-Talking Conman every time. […]

  2. I have this book but I never read it, nor did I read Going Postal. I watched the mini-series of Going Postal on Sky though and loved it; Moist is hilarious and Charles Dance as Lord Vetinari was just perfect. But again, I haven’t read the books so it may not be prefect from an adaption perspective.

    Have you watched Going Postal? If so, what did you think? If not, would you consider it?

    1. I haven’t watched it yet, but after I saw that Charles Dance plays Vetinari, I have very high expectations! I’m hoping the rest of the roles are as well cast.

      1. I thought so, but again, I have absolutely no clue if it’s a match with regards to the source material.

        1. I haven’t watched any Discworld adaptions yet, and I have always thought about how impossibly it must be to adapt books where 90% of the charm and humor is in the weird description, but I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

          Have you seen the new Good Omens series? That was an amazing adaption of a Pratchett book!

          1. I guess I’ll have to give the series a chance at some point, but I’m new to reading, so maybe not just yet. Discworld seems intimidating based on the amount of books.

            I have seen it, and I am in love with it! Honestly, you have no idea how many Good Omens vines I’ve been watching on YouTube since it finished. I’m addicted.

            1. It is so addictive! I mean, I liked the book and all, but it’s the show that’s made me a little obsessed.

              Oh yeah, Discworld has a looooot of books, but they’re light reading and the stories are mostly independent, so you won’t have to read them all in one go.

              1. I credit David and Michael. They’re both just brilliant in their roles.

                I might give it a try once I get through the rest of my (somewhat long) reading list.

                1. I also think it helps a lot that Neil Gaiman (who wrote the book together with Pratchett) was the showrunner. You can really tell it was made by someone who loved the story and the characters dearly.

                  (And yeah, Tennant and Sheen couldn’t have been any more perfect for their roles!)

  3. Between Moist and Vimes as to my favorite character… Although I suppose if Vimes patrols in the rain, then we would have the best of both in one delicious package

    1. Hahaha.
      Vimes is my favorite character as well, though Vetinari and Granny Weatherwax are close behind.
      For some reason, Mustrum Ridcully also makes the list… even after I realized his management style is way too similar to my own boss’. Though, admittedly, my boss has never shot at me with a crossbow.
      (And he only threatened to use me for target practice once.)

      1. Forgot about Mustrum Ridcully. Management 101… imo. Ha ha.

        1. Oh, the poor Bursar…

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