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Here Be Spoilers – Continuing My Game of Thrones Commentary with Season 8 Episode 2

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Brienne Jaime

I was asked for another commentary post after I covered “Winterfell” last week. And who am I to refuse the three people in the world who actually appreciate my sense of humor?

So here’s my random thoughts on Season 8, Episode 2: “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”.

You know the drill, guys: This is now spoiler territory. I won’t spoil anything on social media, but once I have filled out the part of this post that will show up in various previews, all bets are off. Which also means that I would love to discuss the episode in the comments, since I can’t do so on Twitter or Facebook (hint, hint)!

Have everyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled left?

…Hey, you! Get out of here!

I think that’s all of them. Let’s begin!

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Brienne Jaime

“The Things We Do For Love”

I adore Jaime, but I still enjoyed how quickly Bran made all his bravado drain away.

Also: The duo of Kingslayer and Wench is back! I can’t stress enough how much I love Jaime and Brienne’s messed-up friendship and I’m glad they get a chance to truly be on the same side for once.

Daenerys is a Grade A B-I-T-C-H This Season

The Mother of Dragons have always been more arrogant than I’d consider good for her (or anyone else), but she’s really upping her game in season 8.

Arya is Scary (and Gendry’s Totally Into That)

I couldn’t quite decide if it was bedroom eyes or a “I’m gonna kill you and carry your face around in my handbag”-look Arya kept giving Gendry (though I probably got my answer later), but either way, I think the kid should be scared.

But the look he is giving her after she throws those daggers is definitely not one of fear…

If there was any doubt they were flirting after last episode… I think it’s gone now.

Bran, the Voice of Reason

“You won’t be able to help in this fight if I let them murder you first.”

Thanks, Bran, I think you made Jaime feel right at ease. If not, the cheery exchange that followed, “What about afterwards?” “How do you know there is an afterwards?” must have brightened the mood!

Sorry, Jaime, but you had way worse things than Bran’s brutal honesty coming to you.

Tyrion’s Outfit is Fabulous

Can we just talk about Tyrion rocking the Targaryen fashion for a second?

Everyone is Giving Jaime Grief (Except Brienne)

This episode might as well have been called “Everyone Confronting Jaime About All the Awful Shit He’s Done”, but I see how that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

First there’s Daenerys talking about how Jaime killed her father. Though I think we’re all, including Jaime, okay with that one.

Then he has to face Bran, the boy he tried to kill and instead crippled by throwing him out a window, and Bran’s calm reason hits so much harder than anger would.

(The kid’s really good at making people feel judged without openly judging them, isn’t he…?)

Then he turns to his brother, Tyrion, who doesn’t hold any punches when he tells Jaime that Cersei never fooled him (Jaime) and that he always knew what she was. Ouch!

Brienne, on the other hand, totally goes against tradition and doesn’t verbally (and, let’s be honest, physically) abuse Jaime. What has the world come to? No wonder everyone else has to pick up the slack!

Did anyone count how many times we got to see Jaime Lannister looking like a kicked puppy?

We should make it a drinking game.

Jaime Being Polite to Brienne is Downright Creepy

I had just thought the thought that Jaime being all courteous to Brienne was sort of horrifying when Brienne herself stopped dead in her tracks and exclaimed, “What are you doing? We have never had a conversation this long without you insulting me. Not once.”

As always, Brienne doesn’t take his crap.

But I must admit, Jaime saying he would be honored to fight under Brienne’s command was incredibly sweet.

(Now get back to insulting each other. It’s how things are supposed to be!)

Daenerys and Sansa Together Would Be an Unstoppable Force

I think it might be a good thing they can’t stand each other. If they only got along, they could be ruling the seven kingdoms within a week and all the guys would be screwed.

Sansa and Theon… Just ‘Aww’

If anyone had told me in season 1 that I would have gone ‘aww, they’re so sweet’ over Theon Greyjoy and Sansa Stark, I would have laughed in their face. But the bonds between the Northerner characters in these later seasons are enough to melt even my cynical heart.

Now, if only Jon would stop screwing it up…

Davos and Gilly, the Unsung Heroes

First of: Why the hell is Davos devoted to canteen lady…?

Second, these people don’t appreciate Gilly enough. She might be an uneducated, inbred wildling girl, but she’s smarter than all of them.

Tormund, Getting His Priorities Straight

“Yeah, there’s dead people everywhere, so everyone not here will be fighting for the Night King now, yadayadayada… Is the big woman still here?”

Oh, Tormund, you adorable horndog.

(Brienne’s face when Tormund turns to look at her and goes, “At least we die together” is priceless.)

Bonding at Its Finest

Ed, Jon and Sam talking smack to each other while waiting for the battle was hilarious. Nearly as good as the brotherly bonding between Tyrion and Jaime, just before they’re joined by Brienne, Pod, Davos and Tormund, all trying to warm their asses at the fire.

Except Tormund, of course, who’s just trying to show off in front of Brienne. And failing horribly.

And then there’s the Hound, Arya and Beric Dondarrion, and the sermon only avoided by the Hound, ever so eloquently, going, “The Lord of Light is going to wonder why he bothered to bring you back 19 times just to watch you die when I chuck you over this fucking wall.”

It’s all just so sweet.

Fuck Tradition

Okay, fuck dragons, fuck undead armies. Jaime knighting Brienne was everything I didn’t know I wanted from this series.

That scene was bloody brilliant and so incredibly touching, and that can only mean one or both of them are going to die a horrible death in the next episode.

Podrick, the Troubadour

I suppose we should have seen the signs, but Pod is totally a Disney prince.

Game of Thrones Podrick Season 8 Episode 2

All in all, this episode was just beautiful (and no one died! Can you imagine?) and I can only take that to mean that the next 4 episodes will be one horrible and gruesome tragedy after another.

This is Game of Thrones. If they give me an episode that makes me laugh and warms my heart at the same time, something truly awful is waiting just around the corner…

Let me hear your thoughts! (If at least some of them aren’t about Jaime and Brienne and the knighting, I’m disowning all of you.)

6 thoughts on “Here Be Spoilers – Continuing My Game of Thrones Commentary with Season 8 Episode 2

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  3. I know last week and this week have been the “let’s get everyone up to speed” and how about Lyanna Mormont.

    I’m waiting for Arya to kill one of the White Walker lieutenants and put on their face so she. An get close to the King and run him through with her spear.

    Jamie I think should be having a dragon glass hand made.

    Some talk must have happened between Jon and Danny after the cripts because at the wall they give each other a nod like which ever one of us lives gets the throne.

    The next two weeks I think is going to be all fighting and beating the Night King, then last two episodes the attack of Kings Landing.

    1. I really should have dedicated a section to Jorah letting himself be bossed around by his little cousin. I love Lyanna and her no-nonsense approach to everything.

      You think putting on a White Walker face would be enough to fool the Night King? I have this feeling there’s some telepathic connection or something similar between the Walkers.

      What would you have Jaime do with such a hand? Just run around punching Walkers in the face? xD
      (I’m totally on board with that)

      I’m interested to see how the dynamic between Jon and Dany will change now. She did not seem happy that he might have more of a claim to the throne, but what I really wanted to see was how Jon felt about her being his aunt and all.
      After all, he didn’t grow up with the belief that incest was all good and acceptable.

      1. I’ve been seeing a lot of comments about the crypts not being safe with an enemy that can raise the dead. That might be pushing the limits just a little too far I think.

        1. When they say several times on-screen that the crypts will be safe, I feel convinced that the crypts will NOT be safe.

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